My perspective on IMMIGRATION.

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Since this is such a trending topic nowadays, I want to give you my opinion on immigration. I am an immigrant from the middle East. We emigrated out of Iran about 17 years ago due to the social injustice and persecutions that we're being committed against Assyrians being that we were the minority Christians living in a region of the world that is mostly dominated by Muslims. We applied for a refugee visa and after a couple years with the help of our sponsor here in the US our case was accepted to be reviewed. Moved to Austria for 7 months and finally got an interview with the US consulate and we were finally granted amnesty. I thank God everyday for this opportunity that he gave us to live freely in the greatest country the world has ever witnessed.

     The point that I'm trying to make is that we had to go through the proper channels to get here. We could have came here illegally but we chose not to because IT IS ILLEGAL. We waited in line just like every other dreamer that came to this country. I would bet my money that out of 7 billion people on the planet at least half would love to start a new life here in the US. But that would be impossible. The system would collapse and we all would suffer tremendously. My problem with the system in place is why do my tax dollars go to someone that is here illegally. Why is it that we are promoting illegal immigration? Most of the money being made by the illegals are getting sent out of our economy. It doesn't even get put back into our economy. Wait your turn just like everyone else. No one should get a special pass. My uncle who lives in Denmark has been attempting every way possible to move his family here via Lottery, investments and the list goes on. He has been denied for over 17 years. He could have came here illegally but chose to wait in line and do it legally. He doesn't want to live in shadows of fear . This is my 2 cents. Sorry for the brevity and all the grammatical errors. I just realized that I haven't typed anything in 3 years and boy I need to brush up on my writing skills. 

Thank You!

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