Sightseeing inside the old church

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Quotations life:

“When was it I realized that, on this truly dark and solitary path we all walk, the only way we can light is our own? Although I was raised with love, I was always lonely.
Someday, without fail, everyone will disappear, scattered into the blackness of time.”
― Banana Yoshimoto

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So, I notice you are, instead of creating maybe one quality post, you are splitting up images that may very be image plagiarism (per @steemcleaners comment) and then the bid bots to take from the reward pool.

We are on to you. Too many rewards on the table. Going to pay out my last flag campaign and think you're next up. I would not send any further bids unless losing funds is on your agenda.


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Doubt this stuff is genuine. Flagged for bid bot abuse.



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