Bombing Your Way To Freedom

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I am going to propose a question that most people I've met have never asked themselves.

Should we be invading foreign countries to overthrow tyrants, promote democracy, and stabilize "hot spots"?

Even if you believe the narrative that we invade countries for these reasons (which I don't and haven't for some time now.)

Ask yourself the following.

-Would it be acceptable for a foreign invader to come into the United States and overthrow our opressive government, start driving up and down the streets with tanks, imposing curfews, bombing "insurgents", accidentally killing civilians in the name of getting the bad guys, seizing weapons, provisions, taking over the interstates, imprisoning suspected "enemy combatants" without due process etc?

-Say they and a few other countries even got together and had the approval of the UN and/or their parliaments or equivalent of our congress. They developed a coalition of forces to impose their will on us, because they believed it was in our own best interests. Would this be acceptable?

-Thinking along these lines would be like your local police force bombing an apartment complex because the manager was a serial killer and "had to be stopped." All the other tenants who died would be written of as unfortunate consequences of justice , and collateral damage, insert whatever _______ platitude "lie."

I don't know of anybody personally who would accept anything of the sort in their own country. When you think about it this is barely shrug worthy when the puppet in chief decides it's time for troops to be activated and sent off to "spread some democracy" elsewhere.

Sorry (not sorry) to tell you guys. Dropping bombs, and kicking in doors isn't how you promote freedom in foreign lands.
Anyone who is engaged in these behaviors is either a psychopath who doesn't care or a dupe who is willfully ignorant.

The good news is, you can stop anytime you want.


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I'll get on the hotline to my corporate overlords straight away. They always listen to my advice.

Sure... They "represent " us!
They're accountable to the voters 😂