How to Get Focused When You Don't Have the Will of Painting (Featuring Soldier Mode On)

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Hi Everybody !

Ever sit down to draw, doing a art commission and you found yourself buried in anti-inspiration and, eventually, in frustration?

I may have a solution for you

Source: Call of Duty

We all have these moments that don't allow us to go on in our work or our will. It completely kills our wants of living and gives us nothing in return. But how can we solve it?

I won't talk about my childhood, but I'm just gonna say it wasn't easy. Therefor I develop a way of getting rid of the frustration that my own brain was developing. Because I had a whole crowd saying to me that I wouldn't be able to do it. So I could either believe it, or not.

My way of dealing with this frustration and aggression from my relatives and people around was through violence. But not any kind of violence, no no... psychological violence: I used the chaos in my head and the loud voices has something that instead make me be stuck, they would encourage me to do it better and get further. But... How?

Featuring the Soldier Mode On

It is a state of mind where you have to know yourself pretty well and develop a way to get there. For example, my way is through really loud and violent music whose lyrics should talk (if it's not instrumental) about the honor and duty in battle and war. Such as this song from Sabaton. I also have more quiet ones that make me go back to that state of mind, such as Solar Field's Sky Trees.

The concept of this state of mind is to keep yourself thinking that you are a soldier, and it s not allowed to feel anything. But you gotta finish your duty.

It is literally hacking your mind.

You must be really careful about this since it could really hurt your psyche

Source: Taringa

This is also really dangerous because it can really affect the way you think. You got to understand that you may end crying and feeling pity about yourself.

Indeed, I cry

Even while working some spark of feelings cross through my mind and then I start dropping some tears. This is because the Soldier Mode On is very stressful and sometimes it takes the worst of us. It is not healthy at all...

...But is thanks to this you will be able to reach that deadline.

How do you find the triggers for your own personality and mind structure?

This entirely depends on you, there's a different trigger for a different person in this world. So you have to be conscious about what makes you forget about the feelings and put yourself back to work. To forget about the laziness and start thinking about the duty itself.

I believe that the main triggers, for everyone of us, is Music. But the topic and the way of listening to it is absolutely personal.

Just a reminder...

If you use it, be careful. And make sure you can go back from it.

Thanks for reading!


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True dude! Focus on work is everything, the more concentration the better work will be done and when the things get done, its the most satisfying feeling.

I like your idea about soldier n music to get motivated, you know motivation n discipline are important thing. Most people dont even have that and that's where procrastination happens

Totally agree! Music can change our state of mind, support our motivation and much more. Music can be a cure for our brain. By the way, great tracks! Thanks @anritco! Upvoted and followed :)

Thanks for sharing , definitely get those days when my state of mind keep me from doing anything , or the laziness , for me true music helps or rather a calming best to make me feel at ease and just do my work with a good sense of kind, however listening to rough soldier music too can work for stressful situations too , pushing u to break through ur limits ur mentality and just do the work and inspiration u need for it.


Ohh thank you so much for your wishes, I hope you will be able to fight your lazyness and feelings that pull you down =)

Sabaton is great! :P


Damn it is!

that is very interesting. I'm sure this can also work with alot of other things.
Im gonna give this a try.

A painter is a man with a good brain. Not manybpeopla can paint something they need to. You are genius!


I agree with the brain of the artist! Thanks man!


Sorry to be so direct, but as a psychologyst i can say you have no idea what you are talking about....just some nonsense poetry that doesent apply in the real world.


It applies to me =)

Wonderful material :)
Continue, please..
I follow you and upvoted this post
Kindly, Have a look into my blog, you may like any of my posts :)

I am very happy to be able to read and understand to digest this precious information. We hope you always give the stone information and trusted to us as your faithful follower

cool read brother

Like calm music , sabaton is very nice


sabaton is everything but calm...

I like calm music

I like this post keep it up

opening up the solar plexus of the body helps anyone to overcome obstacles in whatever they are involved with in life

Everything has its own nature according to personality traits attributed by God in them....should have to show flexibility and versatility according to state of mind and situation.....

I must go and think this :)

My Mind has been and will always be more powerful than my body.
Faith in The Great Creator helps.
Soldier On.

I stopped tattooing and drawing out of pure procrastination 😩

Interesting writing, Music can without a doubt help With concentration, but there's also a lot of other Things that can help concentration, i've made a post suggesting 8 Things, feel free to check it out!