Can You Prove That Reality Is Real? Spoiler Alert: You Cannot, But There's A Twist!

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One of my favorite philosophical concepts is Solipsism.  It's the idea that no matter how hard you try, you can't empirically prove that reality is any more 'real' than a dream.  For all you know, you could be a brain in a jar at a mad scientist's lab, wired up to some computer system that sends feedback signals to your senses.

Okay, the odds are that you're probably not stuck in a mad scientist's brain-jar, but for all practical purposes you may as well be.  The issue arises when we try to define what reality is, and how reality is different from a dream.  But the thing is that a dream is a reflection of reality.

If we say that reality is a dream within a dream then we end up with model of multiple realities shaped sort of like an onion (with layers inside of other layers).  But an onion-shaped reality doesn't explain much, it's just an interesting concept to think of.

A different approach would be to say that no matter how many reflections of a reality there are, they're all essentially reflecting the same thing (just from different angles, and with different degrees of clarity).  When you dream, most of you dream about your life in some way.  Even if you fall asleep inside your dreams and have an entirely different layer of dreaming within a dream, it's still you who's experiencing those dreams.  Even if you dream that there's more than one of you, it's still just you who's dreaming it all.

So then what's out there beyond this reality?  What happens to us when we die?  Well, let me put it to you this way: if the wind can't assemble a functioning CPU out of the raw materials found in a desert, then how do you suppose the winds of fate assembled human consciousness on this planet?  The answer is that you (or at least the thing calling itself 'you') are probably not made from the atoms in this universe.

Your conscious awareness is something that this pixelated cloud of stardust which we call a reality most likely didn't create (it would be as improbable as a dream creating the brain that did the dreaming).  That's why we can't prove that reality isn't a dream, because any experiments we try to do about it would come from inside this reality/dream.  Would you trust the results of a scientific experiment you performed in your sleep?  Maybe while you were still sleeping, but then what?

I said before that the issue was about defining reality, but you can't define reality without recognizing reality's observer (that's you!).  The classical problem with any observer is that the only way to see the part of you that see's is to look into a reflection.  And dreams are a reflection of our consciousness, so maybe the reason why we dream (or even experience 'reality') is to recognize ourselves.

The thing is, even though we can't prove that we're not dreaming, sometimes we can prove that we are dreaming (it's usually when we're asleep, and then eventually we wake up, but that's kind of the point).


Very interesting

Sounds like the movie "Inception".

This information is thought provoking i like it, its special when you jave people who think deep in a world where most people are shallow that's why i followed you keep are the good work i appreciate it have a great day too!!!!

Thank you so much!

First to thank you for all your votes, just now, until all mine become too viral, for that one of the firsts my supporters.
With two things:

  • the dream isn't same as reality, as @hermeticgenetics said, no smell, no forms, also no colors (only insane), no pain, seems to be not real, but just in this reality, not in that, as you said;
  • but, dream, again: with open eyes, with the soul, just as @entertheart21 said: emotions, irrational, the real perception of the real as no time, meaning transcendental way, because you said: observer is you, and try to really feel yourself's nature, your conscious awareness, which you said isn't made from the this reality: the love.

DAMN ! for real i love that POST ! A question that humanity will ask itself for ever


nice poste. i see this story is so fascinating and so great and so important that it illustrates a lot of things how dreams we have to get out of them to achieve

I am, that whats left = mirror of erd(e).de <-'global' dream?

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I think that reality behaves like a simulation due to reality is creating by the same principles acting in simulation. We live in a random universe because there are a lot of factors to consider to create a silation. By the way, you can create want we live in a simulation created by you !!

Very interesting your reflection. It is as if you did an experiment with just one observation, a single individual. It's your reality, that of each one of us, It's a bit confusing to explain. I liked

That's how Einstein put it, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them"....

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I get it, and "to us", it is a dream of sorts,
Especially if You study the Bible, just a little bit..
It basically points out..
"You was a Spirit before life, and will be afterwards as well"..
Very Good Post!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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Wow you took me on a trip. "And dreams are a reflection of our consciousness, so maybe the reason why we dream (or even experience 'reality') is to recognize ourselves." I feel like you got me awake from that statement lol

An enigma in a paradox. Good read.

Yeah sure.... My bones hurt much more when I am not sleeping ;-)

I am also very sure there will be many ladies that they can prove I did not sleep with them but if you ask me, I dream many times I slept with them!

Have a great day! cool post to think a little!

Emotions affect our dreams. Emotions can be irrational as well as our perception of reality. Death is closely related to sleep. There’s no perception of time when you’re asleep. If I could describe sleep, it would be the bridge between life and death.

Very good thoughts. I mentioned you in to the big reply here.

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There is this interesting model called "ancester simulation", which assumes, that not only the world we believe to live in is not real, but that we are actually not real either. So there is not even "a brain in a jar", its all a very sophisticated computer simulation designed by technologically very advanced beings.
Also with that thought there is the disturbing fact, that we - or the character who is suspecting it, to be precise - won't be able to prove or disprove it.
I guess its our fate as humans to plague ourself with doubt of this kind, instead of simply live and enjoy it.

Yes, we and all our ancestors together cannot prove that this reality and us all we are real. We can be in a simulation. They lost contact with reality (as most of us also), and they made us inside them, to figure it out. Or someone of the makers of them (as me also) wants this from them, to simulate all the possibilities, without who's inside knowing why, just to be correct (to own see the reality), until some of us, unreal (inside of them), (example me) become real and will say and act exactly as that someone of the makers, who... also... know why, and really can transcend again, outside if his reality (with me also, hahaha).
I just wait to put AI to simulate me also, again, inside, and say exactly like me, either.
I know the secret and a part of the secret! I can say to all what it is. Just to see how much of you can say all like me!

Interesting Article and seem to be quite logically about human behavior.

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