Time sure flies.....try and hold on and make the best of it

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The saying goes "Time flies when you are having fun", but have you also noticed the older you get, the more you feel like time is flying, and just passing you by?


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During a day at work and with all the responsibilities you have, it may feel like the day is just dragging on and on, but before you realise the week has passed and then if you blink, another year.

I cannot believe that we are in August already (this has been quite a challenging year so far, so I must honestly say I sure hope the second half will take a turn for the better.)

But why do we get the feeling that time goes faster every single year?  Even though it is logical that your age cannot disrupt the rate of time, why do we percieve it going faster?


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According to some psycologists, they think the reason for this is because when we become older, we tend to have less memorable moments and we tend to measure time by the amount of moments we experience (I guess this can be true, we maybe do not have many memorable moments every single day, but we still have them, so we tend to concentrate on it.)

But at the end of the day, is this not suppose to be a wake up call ... time flies, so make the most of it.  

Do not waste time on petty stuff like anger, being too busy at looking what other people have, and what you maybe do not have,  being jealous or being nasty.  

Be the best you can be every moment and enjoy what ever it is you are doing or seeing at that specific time.  Even if you are just sitting outside drinking some coffee, enjoy the moment and make it memorable in your mind.


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Not all of us are lucky enough to travel a lot or lead a tremendously exciting life or just do what we feel like.  But have you ever stopped and think that maybe we have fallen in  a rut and do not appreciate or see what we have, and maybe other people are looking at us and thinking Wow they have a great life!! 

We are just carrying on, head down, moving forward as fast as we can and not appreciating our own wonderful moments.  Moments that other people may envy?  Little moments that we tend to miss because of our busy schedules?

Often I tend to wish a day would just end, especially after a hectic day of teaching, but I know I must not do it, I must rather appreciate every day that I have, because time does fly and if we do not use the time, it is gone forever.


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So use your time to do good, to be creative, to finish a project, to relax, visit a friend, travel, play outside...

It does not matter what you do with your time, but make sure that atleast once a day you stand still and do something memorable (even if it is just memorable to you), because time surely flies,

so why not make it fly because you are having fun??


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PS  Your version of having fun is all that counts - not the version of what you think people consider fun....it is when we can find fun and appreciation in things that seem not so big or wonderful or important, it is THEN that we know we are ALIVE!!!


As I get older, Time seems to pass faster. My only concern is I won't finish most of my projects before my rendezvous with Azrael at the end of Nature's inevitable conclusion for me.

The more you smile the happier you can make yourself, and Happiness is contagious, so get out and share some! :D

O I agree 100% with this - it is the little things that must make us tick

I am on maternity leave, but o, these last two and a half months has gone so fast that I don't know what I have done with my time.

Uhm I think you were quite busy with a little human hahaha

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