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Hail to campuses where compact girls rehearsing 'wifely character '!

Just pay a call to the boys' hostels and you would be downhearted to find out that it is now frequent for a girl to survive in with a course mate.

It is now regular for her lover to give her the admired commendation 'you look sexy my gal' and she would cheerfully reply 'thank you honey' with a flirty voice and an amorous smile.
Who is her beloved?
A 300 level student whose GPA is hardly up to 1.78! And they are having the intention of the next best twosome award for the plenary by the departmental union . So, the girl needs to survive in with him to sort along.

What rubbish! It seems that some girls swiftly lose their senses immediately they gain admission.

I've seen that some of them have no more perception of forethought, kudos and nobility.

They would change their closet and obtain a new set of make ups just to look ~' alluring ~ enough for the guys.

In months, they would start sleeping around with little boys. I mean boys who gather pocket
money from their uncles!

Mucky boys who most of the time are polluted with sexually transmitted infections
source:Healthcare Exucatives Network
Hey! I want you to know that you were sent to school to obtain a rung, not a sickness.

The campus is called a school not sex! You are on campus to receive training not emission.
You are here to master the use of a pen not the delights of a penis.

Arouse girl! Do some reasoning. Your future is consequential than best couple award'.

You cook for a boy you are clever than.
You give your virtue to a boy who will surely leave you after graduation.

You cavort wife to a boy who cannot even care for himself.
Oh, you have specified too much. Ample! Unlatched your eyes!
For GOD sake Can't you see you're being brainless?
You are advancing through the fears of undesired pregnancies yet you are opening your legs to a weakling who cannot stand before your father.
_And when you finally get pregnant, he would brutally advise you to abort it and you would timidly agree; then face the results later. What an embarrassment !


You may master the use of condoms but you can't master the punishment of your conscience.

  • Don't you know you are ushering shame to your family?

  • Don't you know that you are imprecating your mother by welcoming to sleep with a boy (not even a man) without her accord?

I alerted a girl against sleeping around and she replied

"@annbell, I don't sleep around; its only one boyfriend I have and am faithful to him".

What indemnity! That's categorised harlotry. And don't you know that sleeping with a man without your father's blessings is bringing a curse to your future?

What occurred to your cultural values?

Somewhere in your heart you know he would use you and dunghill you; so why are you setting up yourself for a devastation?
I want to remind you that you are a lady and one day you may get married. And your husband would know that you are such a grimy nightmare who sleeps with anything on trousers.

The prominent gift a lady would give to her husband on the wedding night is her pureness less lost it out of (rape) not the authentication of the best couple of the year on campus!

The other gifts for the rest of her life are her care and personality, not her curves and skin texture!

Real men know this; so, get it
Attached in!

Those disloyal boys would call you 'sexy' and you would answer? Oh, sorry!

They touch your breast and you would smile?

They would ask you out and you would compel? Oh, you are indeed a misconstrue.

Am not saying that you should be ill-mannered or never live a 'social life' but I want you to think deeper than you are currently doing.

I want to turn your notice back to your books.
You are not in school for breast showcase. So, pay less attention to those boobs and give more attention to your books! You are not in school for cat walking show. You are rather here to show us the status of womanhood. You are here to prove to us that you are costly.

So, why make yourself so inexpensive?

I am writing this with both love and pain in my heart and that's why am sounding stern.

I know about two girls now that have been living with their boyfriend since year one and as it is now they can't even count how many abortions they had for that same boy at such bae it's now like a normal thing to them, the last one she did almost took her life and that made her bleed for 4months, imagine how you do feel with ordinary 4 days of menstruation left alone living with it for months..

source:Business Insider
As a matter of fact, one of them has defaced her fallopian tube due to imprudent use of contraceptives she has taken to prevent pregnancy. Want you to look AFA now and think of what advise you would give your own daughter when you become a mother.

I hope I have not offended anyone... If I have, please rue.

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