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I should be sleeping by now but my mind doesn't let me sleep. Whenever I close my eyes, there is so much thought coming into my mind and I keep thinking about @jassennessaj post 200 Deep Questions to Ask : "What quote resonates with you more than any other?" that I have read this morning. It really caught my attention. It is one of the interesting topic or question he chooses to answer. Although I already left my comment there, I felt like it wasn't enough. It made me want to write an article about my choice and share it to everyone. So here I am, writing one.

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My favorite quote came from a line in my favorite Anime entitled One Piece. There was a scenario where the main character was undergoing a trauma after loosing his brother. Luckily the character named Jinbe (Jimbei/Jinbei) was beside him during that time. He was the one who helped Luffy to come back to his senses and to remind Luffy about the people who are still alive and is counting on him. He is referring to Luffy's friends. The line "What's Gone is Gone" is the quote that I am living up to for over years now. Whenever I experienced down fall, this quote reasonates me. That is why I can easily move forwad and get on with my life. It is just the same with my favorite line in a song of a Local Band Urbandub entitled Guillotine, "What's Done is Done". No one could ever turn back time. And we cannot wish it didn't happened. What happened, happened.

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Although the past gives us so much pain and so much hurtful things to remember, I refuse to look back at it anymore. Leaving me with the lessons I got from what happened that I can use in the future. I can easily move on with the help of those lines. I always look forward to those happy days and the better future that awaits me. I am focusing on what was left with me and from there I create a new motivation and new beginnings. Things happens for a reason that's what I believe. So whatever happens in the past, I leave it there.

Thank you @jassennessaj for inspiring me to write this article. I owe you bigtime Bro!!!



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