Diary of a Full Time Mom; Week 2

in #life5 years ago


My second week as a full time Mom was a little bit different compared to my first week. I am still not finish with my laundry but little by little I am able to minimized it. I was also able to do other task this week and maximize my time. I did multiple chores for as long as I can and I'm glad everything went smoothly. Even if we anticipated a strong typhoon this week, still I had the clothes I laundry dry.


I was so happy I could finally cook some dish for our lunch whenever my schedule wasn't that to hectic. Honestly I don't love kitchen that much. I can't cook well. I knew how to cook more of vegetables. I know I need to learn more when it comes to cooking but I'm sure that will take time.


There were also times that I can prepare what the Kid requested to eat for his breakfast. Just like Champorado. I cooked this out of the leftover rice we had the other night.


The whole week I was able to send off and fetch my Son to his school unlike last week where I had to asked my Aunt a favor to fetch or send the kid off school because of the chores I'm doing.


Although everyday, I am just repeating what I am doing like wash-dry-fold, clean, prepare your Kid for school, prepare food and whatsover chores a full time Mom is responsible to do, I am feeling fulfilled. It may drain your energy but whenever they appreciate your hardwork, it is all worth it. I love taking care of them to the best I can.


Photos are taken using my Huawei G7-L02 phone.


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