My experience being for the first time in a life show - @annadeda

in life •  6 months ago


Helloto all my friends of Steemit.

Today I will tell you about the experience that I had a few days ago, being in the live TV show. A few days ago the national Boccia Greek team, was invited in a TV show to talk about our experience being in the world championship and weaning the gold medal for Greece. When we entered the TV studio I got extremely nervous with all the cameras that was around us. The host of the show was really gentle and beautiful. She immediately understood the fact that I was nervous and she tried to make me feel relaxed telling us that she is really proud to have us in her show end all the Greece should be proud of us. So we finally relaxed and the conversation when very smoothly. Having my teammates together with me, was one of the reasons to surpass my nervousness.

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