Goodbye 2018 - Hello 2019 - @annadeda

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Hello to all my friends of Steemit.

Yesterday we said goodbye to the 2018 and today we said our hellos do the 2019. Thinking back I would say with certainty that the 2018 waa a totally successful there for me. Not only for me winning the gold medal at the world's championship but because I was able to be healthy train a lot and meet a lot of friends all over the world. So I said goodbye to the 2018 with sweet taste of successful and love. Looking forward to a new year full of new Challenges and new experiences for me both as an athlete and as a person as well. I am very excited because this will be a very crucial year for my athletic career because it is the year before the Plympic Games of Tokyo 2020. I am determinate to do my best and make proud my family and all the people that believe in me and support me. I want to wish you all a Happy New Year with good health and may all your dreams come true.


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