The surprising health benefits of drinking beer

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Today we discuss about benefits of beer 

Few drunkards say that the one who does not drink alcohol is equal to a bull.Many people who got connected with this word, will be drinking alcohol bottle after the bottle.As the coming season is summer, all the drunkards would like to have beer mostly.When the weather is hot outside, they would drink the chilled beer at the bar and enjoy.But everybody knows that it is not good for health to drink heavily.But a few scientists have been saying that drinking alcohol is good for health.Moreover, drinking beer results in more health benefits it seems.   

 The let us see about those health benefits we get if we drink beer.     

1.Pimple clear and Shampoo              

 The scientists are saying, drink beer and get fairness in skin colour.Certain vitamins in beer reduce the pigmentation on our face...And helps in making our skin tone white it seems.Not only that, if we take bath after applying the beer to the hair...The hair will become smooth and repairs the damaged hair as well.But the problem is its odd smell. 

2. Fibre, Sugar, Carbohydrates.              

 Our body needs fibre, sugar, carbohydrates.We can stay healthy by having them as per the required content.If anyone is suffering from the deficiency of one among them...The scientists are suggesting to drink the beer.Why because the beer contains three of them in a required level it seems.Drinking beer makes our digestive system work well and helps in digesting the food we eat. 

3.High levels of silicon

Beer containing high levels of silicon.This silicon has the power to keep the bones in our body healthy and strong.In 2009, TUFTS University conducted a research program on beer.In this research, taking a few people of age above 60 years...They gave 2 glasses beer to half of them per day.And continued the remaining half of the people with their routine lifestyle.After few days, the bone health of the people who had the beer was good compared to the people who did not drink beer. 

4. Blood Pressure 

  Beer can even control the blood pressure it seems.Harvard University conducted this research on the women between the age 25 to 40 years and gave a report.According to that report, they said that the blood pressure was normal in the people who had beer regularly. 


  In 2011, according to the study conducted by Harvard  University on 38,000 people drinking one or two glasses of beer...consumption of beer can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.The alcohol present in the beer contains insulin which plays a vital role in preventing type 2 diabetes.


 But, by consuming beyond the recommended quantity...the above process will be reversed and cause the heart diseases.In this post , these are the positive effects which you get only when you consume the recommended quantity of beer.Sticking to a single statement 'Drinking beer is good for health'...If you drink beer beyond the recommended quantity...

All the positive effects would turn negative...And makes you suffer from the diseases.

          So, drink less and be healthy. 


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beer is dangerous for health.. in our country we can't take it normally.. @banjo @cleverbot drink it daily


Got that right. If for you saying thank you is bad for your health, and what is bad for your health is not good, then are you saying that thanking is bad?


Can you give me an example of a mistake?


beer is dangerous but if we take it in limit it is very healthy

I like your post so much I upvoted and resteemed. Beer!!


thank you