Why I want less? Minimalism.

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My family home since I remember was cluttered. My parents have always been collectors and collect a lot of unnecessary things. The basement, garage and closets were filled with old items. They did it in the belief that they would someday use these items. As a child I imitated my parents and did the same. I collected spoiled toys, and in the closet were nice dresses for special occasions only. Every day I dressed these "worse clothes". Usually I never dressed these nice clothes because I had already grown up. Later in the teenage years I started to buy more, so the number of items began to grow steadily...

What made me want less?

At one point in my life I was overwhelmed by the amount of items that I had in my room. These things were definitely too much.I understood that I would not lose weight to those little trousers that are still in my closet, I will never use the German dictionary, I will not tan to use this dark face primer or I do not read the Lord of the Rings, because I do not like the fantasy. And the lost socks will never be found in the depths of the washing machine.


I started with small things ...

  • The place where I had the most things was my wardrobe. I threw away the clothes that had defects. And the clothes that were too big / small or those I have not dressed and I did not like, I put on the sales portals.

  • I threw away all the unnecessary documents. Some of them, such as receipts I took photos (to use them in case of complaint).

  • I threw away the books I used in high school. If I ever need information that was included in them, I will find them online.

  • I gave my friends cosmetics that did not work for me.

  • I got rid of "dust collectors" from the lockers. The simplicity of the interior is beautiful for me. And I have less to clean ;)

  • I did not get sentimental and threw out gifts which I did not like.

  • I got rid of cables that did not able to my hardware. I also threw out the broken electronic equipment.

Buying an ebook reader was a brilliant idea for me! I can have dozens of electronic versions of books always with me, in a small lightweight device.
I prefer to spend money on good quality sunglasses that I will wear for years, than to buy the same price 10 pairs of poor quality sunglasses.

What minimalism gave me?

  • I take care of things that are already in my possession, so I can use them longer.

  • I'm more demanding. I choose better quality products.

  • I'm not following to fashion. I know what I feel and how well I look.

  • I have more space at home.

  • My house looks neat and clear.

  • I do not waste time in shopping malls. I do "research" on the internet and I know where I can buy it.

  • Whenever I have a shop whim I wait 2 weeks to buy it. Usually after that time I do not want to buy it. And if not, then I know that I really want to have this thing.

  • Saving. I feel that the all things I have are enough for me. And I do not have to buy anything, so I save a lot of money.

See you later!

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I like it. It's amazing how much crap we all hold on to and never use, nor will we ever use it in the future. It's kind of liberating to great rid of all junk, especially for me living in NYC...you need to maximize all of your space because real estate is expensive.

@anisso, cześć Ania, jesteś zajęta? Kolega się wstydzi i boi zapytać.


W jakim sensie? Związkowym, czasowym czy jeszcze coś innego? :D


Obydwu, bo kolega ma daleko na rolniczy i pewnie dojazdy trochę czasu by zajmowały :D


Niestety, nie będzie z tego steemit-love :D Mam już @apismellifera :)


Nie zważając na takie przeciwności i tak muszę zaprezentować kandydata numer jeden. Jego zainteresowania to grecka muzyka sakralna oraz irańskie kino niezależne, pewien czas temu podjął najlepszą decyzję w swoim życiu i został weganinem. Przynajmniej raz na tydzień w wolnych chwilach pomaga i służy swoją wiedzą oraz doświadczeniem potrzebującym. Kandydat numer jeden jak sam twierdzi jest wolny z wyboru ale my wiemy, że ciągle nie znalazł drugiej połówki, z którą mógłby dyskutować o wyższości geranium nad cistus laudaniferus.


bitcoina też byś wyrzuciła? :D


Bez przesady! :D

what does that mean?
Jestem bardziej wymagajĻca. SiÍgam po produkty lepszej jakoúci.


I'm sorry for my mistake. Thats mean; I’m more demanding. I'm looking for better quality products.


Thank you :)

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