Are You Busy Too?

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These days everyone seems to be busy. 

Many are busy being busy. Some are busy pretending they are busy. Others are always busy because they can't figure out how to manage their time...

People wear "I am busy" badge of honour. It's cool to hustle all the time... 

It is cool not to have time... It is cool to be busy...

As a result many jump from one thing to another and pay attention to things that do not require too much focus and too much time to consume. 

As a result we all end up competing for those 7 second attention span everyone is talking about these days. 


We keep shrinking our message. We condense our content.

Books become blog posts... those become quotes... those an image with even less words...

People produce stuff that answers the demand of the busy people, who want to scroll down fast, double click instead of typing a comment, etc. 

Maybe that is why the online space is flooded with low quality crap? 

Maybe those who produce the crap and from those who need to feel busy... so they keep busy producing crap for the other busy people to consume...

Maybe that is why social media these days is becoming a time killer... waste of time... addictive distraction.

Distraction from the fact that what we are busy with is senseless... being busy for the sake of being busy... for the sake of wearing that badge of honour. 

Maybe people create stuff online even when they've got nothing to say because if they don't they may get forgotten... 

Maybe I'm just one of them?... *sigh*

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Its a cyclical race to the bottom, I'm not sure how it could get much worse in regards to attention spans, but it somehow finds a way with each passing year...

If we're busy for the sake of being busy, we lose the ability to stop and breathe and appreciate our life for what it is.

Thanks for the post

today I felt like I am falling into that trap too

I’m so busy it’s a little crazy making. Great post!

haha - thank you :) what are you busy with?