Game of money

in life •  11 months ago

Money is a means of payment of goods and services used in the world before Christ. Money came first in the form of gold and silver pieces in a simple, coin-shaped size as now.

Before humans know money in the old days, humans are familiar with the exchange by bartering with items of value. Once money is widely known in the form of gold and silver then money evolves into a coin that shapes and changes the size and shape of the carvings. Since this money has value, it is created by the Bank to manage the money on the grounds that it has a safe place. Because it is considered coin money has many weaknesses then the bank decided to make paper money with certain terms and conditions. Only banks can print money in a country. Then what is the connection of this paper with the title "Game of money".

Concerns arise when many gambling services are available for payment using bitcoins, whether the bitcoin is created just to legalize gambling on the internet. Look at lots of gambling sites using bitcoin. This is what internet users need to be aware of especially bitcoiners.

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