Syria Rebuilding: Syrians Make Sculptures in Abandoned Terrorist Tunnels

in life •  5 months ago

The Syrian people are very resilient. Many of them have been my friends through the years of war, and I've seen firsthand how heartfelt they are, how much they simply want a peaceful world.

As Syrian land continues to be liberated from the terrorist rebels that were occupying the country, Syrians are finding meaningful ways to heal.

Recently, in the liberated Ghouta region, an area where reported chemical attacks have taken place, Syrians discovered underground tunnels that had been dug by terrorists. The tunnels were used for hiding and for smuggling weapons and people.

Syrians decided to make something worthwhile out of the new architecture.

Here is some of the artwork they've created in the underground tunnels:

Here is footage of the Syrian people creating the artwork:

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Make ART not WAR.
Creativity has far more value then destruction

Cool artwork .. ...

Cool, this is something positive!

Great post. Upvoting and Resteeming. Glad to see the Syrian people showing the world how to creatively overcome the terrorists and imperialists that have sought to destroy their country and culture.


Thank you for the resteem. I'm so please too to see all the life returning to Syria. I wish our media was celebrating, as they should be.