2024 A New Life Starters?

in #life4 months ago

Hello steemians, how are you doing ?


2024 has come and with that many many things are changing in an increasing rate. We survived the Pandemic, several wars have started, AI has come to never go away again and many more!

To me particularly, not that many things have really changed, I'm still living in Brazil, I'm still trying to graduate, still dreaming in to study in Japan. But despite that all, I believe now I have more tools, and I'm more mentally healthy to come back and seek my dreams again.


So with that I feel more motivated to be back again here, creating connections, bringing value sharing overall important info I find as well as some personal one.


PS: Remember by just liking and/or clicking in the resteem button you will be giving an amazingly support to great content authors to keep doing his good work. So do not hesitate to resteem or even making a post about a good content you have seen, share it with your Steemians brothers and sisters! ^^


Thank you for reading my post!

I'm @andyluy a Brazilian jobless college student, enthusiast of cryptocurrencies who live in Rio de Janeiro, love to make new friends, travel around the world, having adventures and believe that steemit can help me to gather resources to realize my life dream to study in Japan!

I intend to post about amazing things I've experienced, learned, think it can bring some value and hopefully soon be able to bring you with me to my new adventures.

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