A New Job is Emerging: DRONE Camera Operator

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I was watching Casey's latest video where he was introducing the mass production model of DJI's Mavic Spark and remembered another video I saw the other day (linked below).

Drones are picking up a lot of attention and it's filming with them is starting to become an art so soon we'll start seeing Job postings that say:

Experienced Drone Camera Operator

Check our this video, filmed by cameras attached to drones:


The company I work at has begun to invest heavily intro drones. We just got a DJI Inspire 2. Amazing drone if you shoot in prores. If you are making money off of the footage, you have to have a license. And we have to call the airports to get permission to fly all the time. But after all the effort, its completely worth it because the footage looks incredible. As long as its not one of the cheaper version of the DJI models, it all works out really well.

recording off a drone makes it really immersive and there are absolutely awesome shots that were never possible before. It really changes filming imho.
It also now creates a new job that wasn't there before and that is Drone Camera Operator which is cool!

Heeey dude!!! I came across your old blog which then in turn brought me to you new blog, and you have got a fellow follower out of the deal :D
I recently just bought myself a drone and have done some short shooting already, let me tell you, its so much fun!! Ill be coming out with a video tomorrow of the last adventure I went on. I am looking at getting the DJI MAVIC pro soon here, as I have the Typhoon Q500 but find its very big and bulky. I like the compactness of the MAVIC pro!
Cheers and happy Steeming

Nice one man! Will be looking out to the vid. Drone filming is very cool man!