After the evolutions of the earth and life.

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Description, ⚠attention every video has a long duration ⚠.

This post is made to know what was the beginning of the earth until today and I will explain how to create the most strange and amazing place in the galaxy "THE PLANET EARTH

After the evolution of the earth and life

The earth, more than 4.543 billion years ago the earth was only an exorbitant planet and contained no life, the earth exceeded more than 120 degrees "c" because the earth contained large amounts of volcanoes that erupted lava Everywhere some parts were higher than the others, the gases that expelled the volcanoes was highly toxic, it was uninhabitable, then a theory arrived that a comet hit the earth as the largest comets contain millions of liters of water and the theory of the volcanoes it was grace to the great quantities that are in the depths of the sea more or less 7000-8000 meters of depth also because they have been excavated and if they have seen layers of obsidian but the volcanoes that are in the actuality and on the islands, a theory of why the islands were created after the fall of the comet and the lava grasping contact with the water the land was expanding the lava that released the Olcán hardened into a solid soil, and it does not even seem possible that any plant will appear in dry lava over the years, it is very likely that it will become fertile thanks to the quantities of water that touch dry lava, is more likely to see it in a documentary than in a video.


The arrival of life.

The first to touch land were the plants were growing and growing asa reach a point of creating forests (thanks to the greenhouse effect the forests were created since the water was drying in some parts and the sand was left there creating the forest ( in this there were no life possibilities except for the dinosaurs), then the first to touch earth were the dinosaurs not yet evolved as we know them today, they had a great resemblance to crocodiles today, some stayed as they did not need oxygen, the one responsible for the fact that the earth is full of vegetation and way of life was the plankton that still exists today, thus creating the dinosaurs, even the trained ones and the plants.


Then the dinosaurs dominated the earth and it is said that the Tyrannosaurus was the biggest fast and strong, but it is not like this theory I can explain it in one of my oldest post this had a speed 27 km / h (maximum) weighed antler 5,400 - 15,450 kg average of 4,6 - 6,1m, the one that exceeded it was the Spinosaurus not in size but if in length and meso and speed its height was 4,3m it weighed 7,000 - 21,000 kg and its length was 12 - 18 m, on the other hand the fastest was the Compsognathus was super fast running 64 km / h had a length of 70 - 140 cm and the biggest explanation of why it was veils is because it weighed 3 kg, the Velociraptor is thought to It is the fastest, if it is veils but its maximum speed was 64 km / h but the Compsognathus no, the one that had a special ability and inherited the venom to some mammals and reptiles at present were the Dilophosaurus this spit poison and just like the cobra, its length was 7m its Masa Corpora l was: 400 kg his kingdom was: animal, when he spat venge the victim and could be devoured without physical difficulties so this dinosaur should be noted.


Then it was time to go to the dinosaurs, a meteor bigger than 20 football capos collided with the dinosaurs extinguishing them, if this was not hit with the earth we were not existed thanks to the greenhouse effect the earth began to warm up and hundreds of species became extinct and many survived, then for more than 20 years the earth was very cold inside that expelled the cold violently creating the ice age that started approximately 2,000,000 million years ago.


Then the animals had to manage to survive they were growing hair there were more species such as the mammoth, monkey, saber-toothed tiger, sloth, squirrel and wolf.

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