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Your words are your legacy.

The words you write are not you. They are a ghost. They are a phantom cloud that passes by.

But after you are long gone what will remain?

Your words.

Ever since I was a young boy I have dreamed and dreamed of making a great work of art. I've always been a musician so I dreamed of creating inspiring and timeless songs.

I have recorded multiple albums of music that will be around forever.

Recently I have realized that it's your WORDS that stay behind.

All great men and women who've been remembered through out history wrote down who they were.

Mozart and Beethoven wrote down their music but even that is open to interpretation.

The men who wrote down their words however were 💯 percent clear on who they were and what they meant.

Words are thoughts. Thoughts are things. Things are matter. Matter creates reality.

It is literally true that your words create the reality you and others live in.

Maybe it's getting older and wiser, but I've only recently realized the true weight of this.

In the past I've just said whatever words came to mind, whatever I felt, releasing mountains of words into the world and creating a reality I didn't really want.

If you want to create a new reality, create new words. They are all you really need and all you really have.

You don't need a paint brush, you don't need a guitar, you just need to put down who you are plainly. Don't leave your legacy to chance.

Your man,


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I never thought this message could be presented so smoothly and in a great style. I can guarantee that you are no ordinary writer. :)
upvoting and Following you now.