How I became Pastafarian and why I quit [Real Story]

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Back in 2015 I discovered this parodistic religion, which I found quite cool at the beginning: it's Pastafarianism!
It became popular also here in Italy, so I found some italian people on Fb and became Pastafarian for about 1 year.

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Pastafarianism; what is all about ?

Pastafarianism is a parodistic religion, so the Universe was allegedly created by the Mighty Spaghetti Monster while he was drunk. There are not real dogmas or special ritual to perform, so anyone can join freely (if he/she has enough sense of humor not to be offended by it, of course).

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Hacking religion

The fascinating aspect of this religion is that it's a way to hack old-style religions. So, for example, many religions ask governments for some special rights: having some special hat to wear on ID card, for example, or tax breaks etc. So Pastafarianism is fighting to have worldwide recognition for the Holy Colander on ID card, as religious right. Of course, in Italy, with Vatican and Catholic Church, it's very outrageous to claim religious rights for such an odd and funny religion, and it is one of the main reasons I joined them.

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Political Correctness

Pastafarians are 100% politically correct: LGBT and minorities rights are very important and they fight for that (which is ok for me).
But some other ideas go too far for my tastes:

  • Tolerance for everyone except Catholics, traditionalists, right wing people (I think tolerance must be for everyone, specially for those who have different ideas, otherwise is worth nothing)
  • Rationalism and materialism: spiritual people, old style religious people are considered not so smart
  • Mainstream media and news are always right: no conspiracy theories allowed, no alternative health remedies, no yoga, meditation, vegetarianism, etc.
  • Pro GMO, Vivisection, animal testing - are you sure, fellow Pastafarians, those are good ideas to support?
  • Official medicine, science and media are always right! (except when not politically correct)

Why I left the Pastafarian Church

At the end of 2016 I decided to leave the Church, even if I never met personally any Pastafarian.
I was following them online, and it was enough to see what they thought and did.
Everyone not believing official news and official science was a weirdo to them, Catholics were continuously mocked, etc.
It was not for me, honestly, so I silently went away and stopped supporting them.

Tell me your experience

Did you ever met some pastafarian? Do you have some idea about them? Just let me know!

Please leave your feedback and follow me @andrew0


I never really saw this as anything but a fun joke, but dogmatism is a universal trait of the human society, so why should not the pastafarians suffer from that too?

Quite true, they criticize dogmatism, but they are subject to it, too :)

abbiamo fatto un gruppo fb di italiani su Steemit. se ti interessa...

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