Steps to launch a collaborative economy startup

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The collaborative economy dominates the current labor market, so learning to use its benefits is vital for new entrepreneurs

In contemporary society, companies evolve towards innovation seeking support in technology and so-called ICT. Taking advantage of the benefits offered by hyperconnectivity, companies have found a new way of giving life to their businesses and of developing their strategies in the online world with all the possibilities it allows.

In this context, traditional ways of creating and using products and services vary. According to specialists, society is moving towards a collaborative model, leaving behind the typical consumerism of the previous era.

Only a few years ago, the fact of owning assets was considered extremely valuable. However, little by little people begin to value more and more the fact of acquiring experiences and not concrete goods.

Due to this change, it is said that society evolves towards the collaborative economy and, as a consequence, so do companies

What is the collaborative economy?

This concept refers to this new way of relating in which one seeks to manage the resources of different individual actors collectively to optimize their use and increase their productivity. This requires a specific good or service, a user who decides to share it and others who request this service collaboratively.

The clearest examples of this are shared cars or platforms such as Uber, Airbnb and even Netflix that can be shared with different users. Therefore, a company that works collaboratively also needs an online platform or application that facilitates this link between users.

The final idea of ​​this new economy is to make the most of the goods and change the model, from buying to sharing.

Steps to launch a collaborative economy startup

The term startup is used in the business world to refer to small emerging and innovative companies. Traditionally, linked to the field of Technology and the digital world. That is why they are called as companies of the future.

Entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs and students of the technology sector can see in this business model the opportunity to fully enter the collaborative economy with a business model of guaranteed success in the current era.

How to do it? The researcher Nelly Ramírez Moncada points out a series of steps to start with a collaborative economy startup:

  1. Choose a platform that encourages the exchange of information and is safe.

  2. Select the good to share according to the needs of the market, if possible revitalizing a traditional model.

  3. Establish a payment system that does not imply greater difficulties for customers.

  4. Shaping the user community.

  5. Make noise and promote your business.

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