Pheasant hunting in South Dakota last week end

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As I had mentioned in one of my gratefulvibes posts we went out and did a little pheasant hunting last weekend. This was my 1st chance to try out my new Banelli shot gun I bought last spring.
There were three of us my son, his friend and I.
The bird count is way down this year mainly do to the extreme end to winter we had last year. I feel that all the roundup being sprayed is taking its toll too. But that is a top ice for another time. We started in the Gettysburg Area but ended up hunting in northern South Dakota by Bison where we found quite a few birds.64E74D28-EC4D-4957-969F-933F57EA8149.jpeg
My son has 2 hunting dogs Heidi is older and thanks to CBD oil actually got to do quite a bit of hunting this year. 4A78D5EA-57D9-4674-B6A7-4670A033B953.jpeg
Duke is the young male and did quite well fetching his first bird this year!
Finally anytime we head over to the Missouri River area we make it a point to stop at Bob’s Resort for a steak the size of a roast.
It was a great weekend of fun!

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The hunting is way of the life!


That's some foraging of the wild game of South Dakota! It looks like your hunt went well! Enjoy your pheasant dinners!

I grew up being the bird dog for pheasant hunting with my dad. I could run down a pheasant pretty well. Eventually, we got a family hunting dog (a Brittany spaniel) and I got to hunt, too, lol. That's a nice day outdoors, for sure! Enjoy your pheasants!

More posts like this please. I can't look at a pheasant photo without dreaming of a pheasant dinner. You?