Natural Living as A Lifestyle Choice

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We all agree that ‘Health is Wealth’ but many of us sacrifice our health and run behind wealth. Many people suffer physically and mentally due to various diseases and ailments like Obesity, Diabetics, Arthritis, Blood pressure, heart diseases and allergies as a result of erratic lifestyles. But the good news is turning to a Natural Lifestyle can protect themselves from any kind of disease forever during their lives. Looking at it from a different perspective, the practice of green living minimizes or eliminates toxins from our environment which has resulted from our taking advantage of and mistreating out planet. The severe weather of the past several years is just a small example of the after effects of abusing our planet earth. It is about time we made some changes in our lifestyle and attitude to save our planet even if that means adopting natural and environmentally friendly living or using green products because our current lifestyles and practices are actually destructive to our environment.
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Natural living is a Lifestyle choice. Living more naturally is a wonderful goal. It is healthier for you and your family and is gentler on the environment. A natural life style involves buying or using products made from ingredients found in nature and going green. The concept of going green and adopt an environmentally friendly living is growing in popularity over the last years as a result of the various lifestyle and environmental problems we are facing because of our unhealthy lifestyle and usage of toxic chemicals in our food supply, household cleaning products, personal care products etc. Turning to natural products and remedies for our needs is the cure for such situation. Natural and Green living can thereby affect our personal environments, including the internal environment of our bodies, our home, work and social environments as well as our planet's environment positively.

The three main requisites for the smoother functioning of our body are air, water and food. We cannot survive without breathing oxygen but we can survive a few days without water and some months without food. According to experts, since our body consists of 2/3 rd of water and 1/3rd of mass we should consume water and food in the same ratio too. But many of us do the reverse and go against the nature. We eat 70% and don't even drink 30% of water. Instead of eating to live many of us ‘live to eat.’

What do you think Guys? Do I make sense?