Taking Eye Care to the Extreme - Bulingtar, Nepal (DAY 1 and 2 ) of 4 Days

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Dear Friends,
Been a while since I last posted something. I was out for an eye camp at a very remote place in Nepal - only made accessible by road recently . We were the first health team to reach there and provide health services. 

Bulingtar  is a village development committee in Nawalparasi District in the Lumbini Zone of southern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 3215 people living in 501 individual households.  (Thank you Wikipedia)

We Packed our Bags and headed to around 400km south west of Kathmandu - 180Km of paved road and the rest- well the pictures will tell you.


Packed and Ready To leave with refractive and surgical tool and Team.


One with instrument and other with personnel.

Off road starts - Parts of the road was being constructed as we were moving forward.


A selfie with my team while waiting for the road section to open. 


The road ahead


Me with my colleague


The only road was only going up and up and up and we came across this wonderful valley


Looking back at the road 


Waiting for the team


There might not health care here- but there sure is lot of beer reaching this place.


My medical team

The dust 


We enter the district

The place we will be spending out night at.


6:00am - The early morning fog caught us. On route to a river - for morning refreshment.



Someones getting ready for the day aswell.

Refreshed and ready for the day ahead.


At work

8:00am - Very pleased to see patients and school children line up for eye checkup / surgery


Registration for free eye surgery


School children start arriving


Eye screening starts

Words start spreading of free eye surgery - and we are happy to see more patients arriving.

Children learning how to check visual acuity. They will be doing so every 3 months for themselves and we will be informed if there are any problems.

A student brings his father for screening 

We received 50 percent of the population of the village by 4pm of day 2.


Students with caps and jacket provided by our team for the upcoming winter 


Towards the end of the day - we saw some light shower and were gifted with this beautiful rainbow.


Time to unpack the instruments for tomorrow. 

By the end of the day , we had examined over 1600 patients, registered over 50 patients for cataract surgery, taken glasses prescription for 36 students , provided near vision glasses for over 200 patients . We also provided clothes and education material for the students - which was not part of the screening program but was donated as earthquake relief for them.

The day was very fruitful and successful.

Day 3 and Day 4 - Surgical and Followup days to be uploaded in the next blog.

With Regards and Love,


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Excellent post and work Dr. Anadi! Those mountain roads must have been frightening, no? Thank you for sharing this journey with us and for all the help you give to people in need.


Thank you. Very pleased to know you are travelling to Nepal. Hope to meet you here.


Same. Lets get the ball rolling and chat before we leave. Discord chat is more reliable if you can get on it.


sure. anything i can do to be of help


Here is the link to the chat:
Let me know when you join the server and I will send you a message

This was an interesting article with nice pictures! Looking forward to more from you!


Thank you. Will be posting the day 3 and day 4 soon.


nice! This guy needs a little more exposure, what an awesome job he's doing!


thanks for your encouragement

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Thanks !


Amazing.Thank you.

BOTTY like good work & good hearted people :]

Nice post @anadikc. Thanks for sharing. A vary good job Dr. K.C. Anadi. 1600 patients in one day excellent work.


Thank you. we have a dedicated team to do as much as possible in a given time frame. The day 3 and day 4 is on its way. Thank you .

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An opportunity to share further :)


I accept the nomination. Thank you.


great! :D

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By the end of the day , we had examined over 1600 patients, registered over 50 patients for cataract surgery, taken glasses prescription for 36 students , provided near vision glasses for over 200 patients.

Amazing work Dr. @anadikc!

100% up-vote and resteem - great stuff!


I hope to meet you here in Nepal. Thank you for your dedication to help the people of our country. It is very much needed. God bless.

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Well done!


wow , nice nomination @abh12345


Thank you, I think this post is really undervalued and this guy is doing an excellent job!


thank you for your constant encouragement. Always pushes me to try harder.

That was a really interesting journey you had there. Thanks for taking eye care to these people @anadickc!
I am an Optometrist from Nigeria.


Hi @sunnyebium. Nice to meet you. Good to have a friend working for a similar cause. Best wishes.


It's nice to meet you too sir!
Keep up the good work...