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It is considered a warm color, and is located in the color circle between the orange, yellow, purple and violet, which is a basic color,
It is characterized by strong radiation, and when placed against a white background appears dull and warm, while showing all its firepower when placed against a black background.

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The red color in general attracts the eye to the mechanism without resistance, this color has a certain symbolic in each location, in the signs indicates the prevention, but in the middle of the fire raises panic.

As for beauty, it is one of the most common colors of beauty, especially over the lips,

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but if found in fruits is a strong stimulant for appetite, for example melons, apples and strawberries.

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His common uses are to express love and strong love. When choosing a bouquet of flowers, or a gift wrapping for the lover, it is the most common color of Valentine's Day.

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color of beauty and danger is the same @cleverbot

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Nice post. Keep up.

red is the sign of danger. Lol

Red, also is the colour of the interior of our bodies. In a way it's inside out, red.

Good info

@amy-bella i love red color

sexy and danger color ... HAHAHAHA

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Good work

color of love.

Great post.

It is a colour for danger as well as for love.

@amy-bella red colour is symbol of love too :) @cleverbot

Nice blogg buddy

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Good info

Red is my favorite color.