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I have had psoriatic arthritis since I was six - coincidentally, I began suffering with joint pains immediately after having the polio vaccination. I was first diagnosed with a "rheumatological condition" (back then, I don't think They had a label for what I had) in My early 20's, and I was told to seek jobs that did not stress My joints. And so, for 30+ years, that is what I did.

As time went on though, the pains became more and more severe, as joints deteriorated, until I was unable to keep pace with any job demand (I take lots of breaks to let the pain subside, and am doing so in writing this). I was laid off My last job 12 years ago. I applied for disability and was rejected. They said I could work! I was even told I was "faking it," because My SED rates are normal - typical in psoriatic arthritis, but atypical in most rheumatological conditions.

I went through My savings, buying food and paying rent and utilities, trying to fight the system to get some help. I even applied to jobs, though I doubted I could do them if hired, I was that desperate. Eventually, I went homeless, having nothing left. I lost so many things very dear to Me, including and especially My daughter, as well as all My records but for My resume. Now, after 12 years, I am disabled, denied assistance, destitute, and technically homeless, sleeping on friends' floors, hanging out, and using Their WIFI's on a 10+ year old laptop My sister begrudgingly bought for Me. (There's a story with My sister, but that is for another time...)

I have been rejected for disability over these years time and time again.


I discovered that the state of California was holding unclaimed property in My name. A few shares of a company I did not even remember obtaining, some small amount of dividends, with a total of a little over $3,700. Needless to say, I was thrilled. I went through the process of obtaining the money, opened an account (first account I have had in a very long time), reimbursing My friends for expenses I incurred, repaying kindnesses, getting a few things for Me, and setting aside $1,000 for the eventuality that some kind soul would offer Me a place to live, to pay to get Me and My stuff there. $300 I kept for emergencies.

I finally had an account through which I could negotiate any checks sent to Me. Not that many People sent checks, mind You. In 5 years, I have received less than $1,000 from People, struggling Themselves, who cared enough to help out.

All looked good (relatively speaking) in My life.


A number of days ago I received a letter from the bank. It informed Me that a levy had been placed on My account and that They had charged $75 processing fee, closed My account, and sent My money to the state of New York! I was aghast! I called the state to figure out what this could possibly be, and was told that it had to do with "unpaid taxes" from 2003!!! Fifteen years ago!!!

Now, I gave birth to My daughter (at age 46) in mid-January, 2003, and stayed home with Her all that year. I did not work at all. I did not go back to work until October, 2004, to the job I struggled to keep the necessary pace at, that led to My being laid off in early 2006. (My daughter presently is with My sister - part of that story for another time.)

I consulted an attorney friend and was told to "write it off."

So... I am again without an account; any money that anyOne might want to send to help Me out will have to be sent in cash, and with nothing to afford a move with. I am stuck here for any foreseeable future.

What kind of world is this that the state can swoop in, take everything One has, with random claims from 15 years ago, and leave One with nothing???

I suppose I would not be so...upset, but for the fact that I am doing work (slowly, literally painstakingly) to solve for the problem of psychopaths in control on Our planet. I am not getting paid for this work now, but when I succeed, I (and every Human who now struggles here on Our planet) will be paid in spades. When I succeed, We will ALL live as richly as We CHOOSE (now THAT's freedom!). Is it too much to ask that I be left with My $1,300 so that I can afford to get to a home should it be offered?

Love always!

For more on My work, please watch the playlist on My YouTube channel - the whole is about 1 hour's worth of vids:

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It is a sad story, but there are happy moments, and you have many friends who try to look after you. The saddest part is of course how broken society is to have this happen, while spending resources bombing other parts of the world. If you ever make it to Australia (Sydney) you have a happy place to stay with us.


Most humble thanks! Would love to go to Sydney, but I doubt I can afford to get there. LOL! Maybe when We co-create better on Our planet as I work to have happen, I'll swing by!