We Miss Mom

in #life6 months ago

walking early in the morning to visit mom
safety first during quarantine
we're here again

Happy and blessed birthday in HEAVEN MOTHER.. You are PHYSICALLY ABSENT BUT SPIRITUALLY PRESENT IN THE LORD.. Today is my mom's birthday we lost her March 16 this year. This is the first time we will celebrate her special day. Felt awkward as I was about to say birthday because she is already resting in peace. Before we go to my parents house we dropped by the cemetery and brought her flowers. I felt sad knowing that this is going to be the reality everytime her date of birth comes. Just like today's pandemic this felt like my new normal. To feel sad and grieving while celebrating her day. I am pretty sure though she is doing fine so mom I must say

MAPALAD KA KASI KAYABE MUNE ING CREATOR TAMU.. KEN ALA NG SAKIT, PURUS NA NGAN MASAYA.. ANYA BLESSED KA, MIPAYNAWA NAKA KENG PAGAL AT SALIMUUT NING YATU... LOVE U, MISS U....❤️😂🤣😀😍🥰... Potang malambat kung emipunta kanita, gad ku sabyan keka potang magblessku, love u miss u and hug.. Kayi mayli kang masikan, sabyan mu ahhh makanita amu, 😃😃.. Ot enikopa, kalambat mung edaratang amu, o kasi talagang busy ku keng ketalagahan ku. Anya naman potang pwede keng mamasyal, jang late na ning bengi, mamasyal kami, kayi sabyan mu, ot kadisoras yo amu haha... Anyway, malapit ng padrama, blessed 79th bday in Heaven... Love u, miss u. Mwahhh❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much for your time guys. Much love,


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