What is the best solution to marital problems

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What is the best solution to marital problems


Most marital problems are caused by poor communication, and these are some ways to promote communication: [1]

  • Use body language.

  • Set a date for the couple to stay together without telephones or children.

  • Setting rules such as not interrupting the husband while talking.


Trust is an important pillar in marriage , and in the event of mistrust between the couple can follow the following tips: [1]

  • Avoid lying even in small things.

  • Adherence to deadlines.

  • Do not dig the old wounds.

  • Stability.

  • Do not overreact when things get worse.

  • Listen to the partner.

Making the marital relationship a priority

The marital relationship must be maintained as a priority of life, and the following can be followed to do so: [1]

  • Respect for each other.

  • Do what the couple used to do before marriage.

Modify personal behavior

Both spouses should correct their own behavior and refrain from criticizing the other. When both spouses seek to do so, the marriage will be more successful. [2]

Cooperation in decision-making

We need to learn how to make a participatory decision, which brings benefit to both parties and a satisfactory outcome. When there is disagreement between the spouses, each should quietly express the main concerns and listen to each other and develop a solution accordingly. [2] Broadcast positive energy The positive energy of the life partner must be increased by hugging, smiling, looking, spending more time together and appreciating and appreciating. [2]

Do something special

It is good to have a couple with something special together, such as going to the place where love was first recognized, or trying something new, even if it was simple. [3]


It is important to forgive both spouses because it saves them from the feelings that hinder the progress of marital life such as: anger, resentment, hostility, and negative feelings, and also helps them to forgive with sincere intention. [3]


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By Anan Aboudawla


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