To every female

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To every female

My creation in the most beautiful image and the most beautiful drawing, painted from the spirit of God, you were the nicest creatures, and the thinnest sense and feeling, preserve your instinct, your nature, your femininity, and God God of weapons irresistible, use it honestly when you need it, you in the universe ) Achievement with all the mastery and love, and Give it all your energy, do not feel after you feel the responsibility of half the society, you do not take full responsibility ... Do not fear, this is your value and your importance created so you have the energies of abundance of everything, please do these tips are expensive :

1 - I am aware of your value, which created for it.

2 - Trust yourself, every morning remind you of your wonderful responsibility and God protect them.

3 - Keep your health and balance, and your fitness.

4- Trust your prayer with God, so you are close to God by your sensitive nature, full of serenity and tenderness.

5 - I read about your place in Islam, there is no religion equal you like the religion of Islam.

6- Take care of your beauty and your paper.

7 - choose your partner carefully before you meet him and trust in his presence in this wide universe and if he did not succeed with you a relationship, make sure you are not the reason and I am not weak and do not blame the other party to withdraw and be calm and learn how to meet with your half

8 - Make a plan to love your children before they come and make the sincerity and science your goal with them.

9-Play sports, walking and meditation.

10 - Do not raise your voice inside or outside the house, this harms your femininity because it is not of your nature nor of your nature.

11 - Do not live the role of the victim, who was wronged by the time and everything around it and make me weak of your message and a high sense of your connection to the highest peaks.

12 - Write your own message and use your heart in making decisions.

13 - Add of your consciousness and encouragement and other than all the negatives of your life.

14 - Take the right decision and forget your fears and your contract as long as you are in your way of life successes interspersed with the fall, but do not stop where I fell.

15 - Make your feelings overflowing on everyone at no charge and make sure that you are stronger in your honesty and your knowledge and trust and Tddk for all.

16 - Do not reduce your role in your home, your work, your place of study.

17- Participate in charities and support your ideas and Nablk anyone who needs you.

18 - Make sure that your energy as a female is a high energy and positive and everyone needs from the flood do not give up.

19 - Learn to solve your problems with confidence, calmness and balance.

20 - Forget all hatred and forgive everyone Remember that your spirit is high, not flying in the sky, so do not scold them for less than that.

By Najat Albar


Amazing photography

an advice/suggestion is a very good, it's been his nature woman created by God dengat tenderness and polite words

Thank you @allizz for this words of inspiration!

Such a wonderful post. I am proud to be a female.

Its a outstanding post

Such a amazing photography , female always hard working for your family , i am proud of female , good job ...

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @allizz

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It's great to read your post. All your posts are very beautiful. Read your posts
we can learn a lot. We can even know a lot.

Hope you will post more beautiful.
 Thank you very much for your so beautiful posting.

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