How to solve problems

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How to solve problems

Focus on solution rather than problem

Neuroscientists have shown that the mind can not find solutions if the focus is on the problem, because when you focus on the problem, negative thinking increases, which in turn stimulates the negative emotions in the brain. These feelings block potential solutions, so keep calm. The problem first, then move to focus around the solution. [1]

Simplify things

Most people tend to make things more complicated than they are. So you have to try to simplify the problem by circulating it, by removing all the details and going back to the important basics, and trying to find an easy solution. Productivity as opposed to expected. [1]

List the largest number of solutions

In order to solve the problems, it is necessary to try to add all possible solutions to these problems, even if they seem silly and simple at the beginning. It is important to keep the mind open to promote creative thinking that leads to possible and possible solutions. [1]

Confronting the problem

After identifying all the problems that make people feel unhappy in life, the next step is to show strength and get close to the problem. Often, a person tends to avoid facing problems because of discomfort and discomfort, although avoiding them does not help solve them. It only increases the damage and makes it difficult to find a solution. It only requires strength and courage in confrontation. [2]

Take time out

Some people help them find solutions to their problems, take some rest and think about the problem quietly, this leads to the arrival of the mind to some new ideas, some people succeed with them this way to find the best solution to the problem. [3]


In the implementation phase, most people are afraid to choose the wrong solution, or they might think that there is another better solution that has not been discovered, and here it is always recommended that the first step be taken and start implementing instead of doing nothing. It should be noted that the plan should be concrete and specific So as not to hesitate in implementation. [4]


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By Mohannad Raefat


Time to focus on the solution. It's amazing how a problem can consume so much energy. And when you focus on a solution it gives energy.

Well said @cliffpower. Focussing on the solution rather than overthinking about the problem always makes life easier. As you aptly said, it gives the energy to face the problem rather than shrugging away from it.

Perfect, solve problems.

Thanks a lot for sharing this powerful article with us, many will gain tremendously if they heed the words of wisdom found in here.

This type of approach has been used by Tibetans for centuries now and has lead to an amazingly powerful culture, highly resilient and potently positively active in our world...

Namaste :)

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Can God give me some praise and attention? Grateful!

Good topic! I know many people who say that they like to get into trouble, and that is why they keep quiet and do not confront them. I agree that the problems are solved, in the first place, facing them, not avoiding them.

This is a wonderful insight on how to tackle problems. Appreciate your efforts @allizz

I hate the problems, sometimes unknowingly we get into trouble, life is not easy and there are ostaculos, I think your post is good because when one is presented with a difficulty he worries and even gets nervous, and it is best to relax and maintain so we can focus on the solutions, because all those problematic situations have a solution, thanks for sharing

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