How to achieve dreams

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How to achieve dreams

Dream Identification

The definition of the dream is through the following: [1]

  • Identifying the things that bring happiness, enthusiasm, satisfaction, and access to it can be done without looking at the daily circumstances, and then focus on the positive without the negative, that may include surfing, reading books, swimming, or writing poetry.

  • Writing mission statements: These statements indicate priorities, or short or long-term objectives. For example, the term may be career-specific .

  • Revisiting past dreams: rethinking past dreams, knowing whether they have been achieved, identifying emotions, experiences that have resulted from these dreams, then starting a new chapter, overcoming negative emotions, and learning from past experiences.

Belief in dream

The belief in dream is the main motive for achieving it. The self-deception can not be fooled, and it is therefore necessary to believe that this dream stems from the heart and deserves to be followed, something that must attract attention. [2] Identify short-term goals It is important to divide a goal or a big dream into small sub-goals with time limits to achieve these purposes, which would contribute to getting the help and advice of others, and to know how realistic this dream is. For example: If the dream is writing a novel you can start taking workshop work for writing, or trying to write a story consisting of five pages. [3]

Things impede the realization of the dream

The first step to begin to realize the dream is the most difficult, and it is difficult to start: [2]

  • Waiting for the perfect time: There will not be a perfect time to start, at all times there will be an obstacle that calls for a delay.

  • Waiting for the approval of other people: Opposition is something that always exists, which is normal, and waiting for approval from people means that it is impossible to start realizing the dream.

  • Waiting for mastery of a skill: The learning skill is of great importance in the way of achieving the dream helps to achieve, however , the skills gained during the march to the achievement of the dream is much more than the skills gained during the wait.


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By: Solafa Dahlan


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These are great tips to practice. To achieve your dreams you need to believe in yourself like you said, and be the focus. Map our time and steps that will help you achieve your dreams.
Nice post.

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