My Easter gift

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Dear friends,

Easter is approaching and it is important to spend this holiday with your loved ones.

Today I received my Easter gift in advance. Let's see what it's all about.


I've always been passionate about books and reading, so my gift has to be related to this passion.

The package contains 3 volumes. In addition, I received 2 gifts in the same package: a pair of earrings with Swarovski gems and two letters from the author, written by hand.

"The Diary of Adam" is a novel sold in over 100,000 copies, becoming a national bestseller.

Volume I represents Adam's first interactions as a man with the women around him, high school, first love, first disappointments.

All feelings are explained through the eyes of a man.

The second volume embodies Adam's time during his university, it is presented a mature man with lessons learned about love.

"The last night of sex, the first night of love", the third volume is about two pasts, two existential dramas narrated from two plans - that of a man for whom only sex matters, and that of a woman in the search for true love. Will they succeed?

I have not read the books yet, this is a short description about them.

What do you wish for Easter?



Loved those two rings right at the extreme end😉.....btw the books look quite erotic is that kind of 50 shades of grey?.....

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Kind of it ❤️

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Ummm ....the male version..👍

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Hello friend ... how fast time passes, I remember that last year you published about the Easter and I told you that we did not celebrate that here, and I asked you its meaning for the Easter eggs and you explained it to me ... you remember ? It seems that it was recently hahaha.

I just left you a message in the discord, please read it. Thank you.

Haha, yes, I remember... Time passes very fast, I feel like It was yesterday ❤️

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