R.I.P. Jerry Decker (KeelyNet) - Online Alt-Science Pioneer

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Was saddened to hear of the passing of my old friend Jerry Decker, founder of KeelyNet.


Just heard and found this posted on the net in several places:

Chuck Henderson writes: It is with a heavy heart that I send this e-mail to you.
Monday night (6/19/17) I received an e-mail from Jerry’s sister, Susie. In it, she told me that she had been contacted by a consular with the U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara.
Jerry was found dead in his home by his friend Ricky on Wednesday, June 14th. No foul play was involved and given his recent health issues they are saying his death was due to natural causes.
We have all lost a good friend and the world has lost a brilliant mind. He will be sorely missed.
At this time, the details of his burial or a memorial are unavailable. I will let you know more when I have them.
Chuck Henderson


In the 1980s & 90s I exchanged the Borderland Journal with Jerry's KeelyNet print newsletter. He came to visit us at Borderlands circa '88-89.

keelynet clip ufo ether.PNG

Jerry had an open honest integrity about looking in to areas that interested him, free energy, gravity control, electro-medicine, psychotronic wishing machines (!), etc.

wishing machine.PNG

Jerry and I kept in sporadic touch over the decades, but fairly regularly again over the last couple years, on a wide variety of subjects. I owed him a response on an recent query on Dinshah's spectrochrome color theory, chirality of cells, and diabetes.

The wide scope of Jerry's interests is best exemplified by his own work. Attempting to just write a list of some of the subjects won't do it justice. Go and check out what Jerry put together at Keelynet.com, which started as the KeelyNet BBS in 1988.


KeelyNet was obviously named after John Worrell Keely, the inventor who claimed discovery of a novel aetheric intermolecular force, and designed equipment based on it. Some claim he was a fraud, others find worthy ideas within his work.


My old friend Vince Gaddis, the man who discovered and named the "Bermuda Triangle" (in his 1960s book Invisible Horizons, told me he investigated Keely's work. One of the claims against Keely's devices was that he was running hidden fine metal tubes from equipment in his basement to the devices on show. Vince said that upon investigation it was discovered they were capillary tubes, and due to air flow dynamics would not be able to be used as pneumatic in function.


To show Jerry's open-mindedness, here's a clip from a "Mini-Bio" of Keely, found at http://www.keelynet.com/keely/keelbio1.txt

John Ernst Worrell Keely - Sept. 3, 1827 - Nov. 18, 1898 - Inventor and imposter, grew up in Philadelphia, Pa., where his career was run.

I remember when Jerry visited in the 1980s, we had a great chat on crop circles. I was suspicious due to the symbolism used, and Jerry had brought data indicating what he thought at the time was the use of infrared lasers, to write the symbols into the fields like a laser printer. Very possibly MASERS are being used, which could, along the lines of the IR Lasers, cause the recorded cell damage at the bends, attributed by some to aliens and the like.

crop c m.PNG

Jerry will truly be missed, his passing brings a tear to my eye. His emails were always most welcome outré news and insights, and we long shared a common interest in acquiring and dispersing eclectic knowledge.

So Jerry, till we meet again, on whatever plane we find ourselves again connected in this hopefully unlimited multiverse, it has indeed been an honor to know you and call you a friend. Really has been a wonderful trip!


I wish you well on your new phase of operation ❤

~ Alkemix

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hail Jerry Dekker, thank you for being. thankyou for your tireless work for us all.
i enjoyed keelynet for quite a few years.


and thank you @alkemix for this post. cheers


You're welcome. Just saw that John Major Jenkins passed away a couple days ago. I published his Tzolkin book on Mayan calendar studies in 1994 & we kept in touch throughout. Learned a lot from tha man.. Haven't felt like writing another obit, will see what inspiration arises.


have just done a little reading on him.
and found some his recorded songs.
here's a lovely song.
his songwriting reminds me of the works of Hans Sven Poulsen.
I was his manager for a while.