Road to Recovery - A Glioblastoma Brain Tumour Post ! 😱

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Hi Steemians,

No activity from this account for a few months, until now !

Here's why, my recent timeline in a (long for me) #Steemit post,

End of May / Early June 2018 I start feeling tired ALL THE TIME and start getting BAD headaches.

End of November 2018 go to Opticians and Doctors who recommend an MRI Scan.

Scan results show a tumour, Doctor advises taking the scan results and an overnight bag to hospital ASAP.

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 13.28.46.png

1st December 2018 get admitted to Marbella Accident & Emergency department and then transferred by Ambulance to the Neurosurgery department of Carlos Haya Hospital in Malaga to have a Glioblastoma Brain Tumour the size of a "medium baked potato" removed on the 5th December - 62 metal staples were really good for picking up random radio frequencies once I left hospital !! ;)

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-08 at 13.07.17.jpeg

December 11th 2018 get discharged from the fantastic Carlos Haya Hospital, Malaga, half the metal staples removed on the 19th Dec, the rest on Friday 21st !!


Middle of January 2019 I get transferred from the NeuroSurgery Dept to the Oncology / Radiotherapy department and get a block of 30 Radiotherapy appointments, the Doctor also wants me to take Chemo Therapy in tablet form but I decline Chemo because of long held views and the Doctor says she respects my opinion.

A good friend of mine now runs a business in Andalucia making and selling CBD oil and he has very kindly supplied me with enough to keep me going for a few months... :)

Plenty of research happening in this particular area, volunteers with Glioblastoma tumours were being sought out for CBD and THC oil trials in Malaga in 2017, why couldn't I have had my tumour a little earlier ??!!?? :-)


I am now over 2/3rds of the way through my R/Therapy, only 8 more Head Zaps to do and feeling DAMN GOOD for a guy who is supposed to be ill !! :)

Travelling from Estepona to Carlos Haya Hospital in Malaga (100kms each way) Monday thru Friday night for 15 mins treatment (the mask is quite claustrophobic!).


My youngest brother very kindly made a Spotify playlist to keep my partner & I entertained with Top Tunes on the 2+ Hrs drive to hospital and back each night :)

Road to Recovery Spotify Playlist -

Feel free to add decent tunes, ALL KILLER NO FILLER thanks !! ;-)

Sharing this info for various reasons, 1. Just to get it out of my Brain ! :-) 2. Maybe it can help someone else in a similar situation.

All resteems, upvotes and comments gratefully received, maybe I can get enough Steem to cash some out and fill the car with Diesel ??? :-D

Thanks for looking ;)

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I wish you a swift recovery!

@alexvanaken Thank you ;)

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@steemitboard - Cool, thank you ;)

Thanks to all upvoters 🙏😍

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