Victoria Beckham debuts at home to celebrate decade in fashion

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Untested in the form world, Victoria Beckham propelled her VB name in 2008 in New York, over the Atlantic from her local Britain. 10 years on, she will show at London Fashion Week out of the blue today, in a triumphant homecoming of sorts for a now generally regarded architect and business visionary.

The ex-Spice Girls vocalist regulates a domain including four attire lines, in excess of 400 retail outlets in more than 50 nations and workplaces in London and New York.

At the beginning Beckham, a long-term fashionista, confronted an overwhelming test: persuading a focused and requesting industry that she could establish a long term connection on flighty design fans. Grabbing the chance to outperform her status as a pop star and football player David Beckham's better half, she has slowly earned across the board acknowledgment, even from design lights, for example, Karl Lagerfeld, the inventive virtuoso behind Chanel.


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