Designer Maheen Khan & Feeha Jamshed speaks up on water crisis in Tharparkar

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Really popular architect Maheen Khan referred to for form names, for example, The Embroidery House and Gulabo has talked up on the water emergency that exists in the Tharparkar locale of Pakistan.

Maheen shared pictures and articles of youngsters and families experiencing the dry spell that has been progressing since 2011. The region is likewise low on specialists and prescription which implies there is an absence of enough assets for their medicinal medications.

The fashioner tweeted, "I am attempting to place this in words yet why have we turned out to be so numb, so insusceptible to the anguish of others – for this situation, the offspring of Tharparkar. They are kicking the bucket of absence of water."
Gulabo engineer at that point asked for Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar and Prime Minister Imran Khan to investigate the issue and think of an answer.

Maheen rushed to share the circumstance of kids in Yemen including that they too were kicking the bucket of starvation.


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