Today I want to tell something about my self & my city town.

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You know I'm new to this family. So I want to talk about something more about me. I am a student, as well as a part time job. In a super shop, the super shop is very nice, I enjoy working. I'm giving a picture. If anyone comes to Dubai then you will see.


We have some beautiful places here, I will try to show. Hope you enjoy it. I do not know how to write very well but I'm trying to write something for you. I will always hope that you will be with me. We always want your support.
A biggest thanks to my Honorable sir @r2cornell. He is one of the good man i have ever seen.


Very nice post aliayana! nice to see a little of Dubai. I really love the last photograph. Love the architecture. What building is this? Hope to see and learn more of Dubai and of yourself.

thanks sir. this is big mosque in our country. its so beautiful. its my pleasure sir. i will try my best.

sir this a very big moque. the name is Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque. its very famous in dubai.

@aliayana this is very nice pictures, carry on your self & @r2cornell i always searching you buy can't find. bad luck for me.

thank you friend. sir always with us.

Interesting story @aliayana, back when I was in college I also work part time,
Do you live in dubai?

yes. now i live in dubai.

Waaw ..
Dubai is a very beautiful city, I always dream to get there ..
You are muslim ?

MashAllah . stay blessed , love from Pakistan

thank you brother

You have a good work. Last photo, Its really fantastic. May Allah bless you.

Amazing post...👍
& you can visit my blog for art & photography. ☺

Very beautiful post @aliayana. Thanks sir @r2cornell.

Thank you for the short tour. I love the Mosque! Hope to see more of Dubai

Beautiful photography. Dubai is really a beautiful city. Thank you so much for sharing @aliayana. And we love you sir @r2cornell.