Open your eyes

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I have heard the expression “Open your eyes” many times, sometimes directed at me, and somehow I intuitively knew what it meant.

This week I have been organizing some drawers and saw some “old” photographs of me. It was kind of shocking to see that my younger eyes were more open, literally, than in the most recent photos.

I realize that with the passage of time my eyes seem to find it more difficult to keeping on seeing more. Maybe be it is the price of getting wiser or the need to give into the “world” as it is. Either way, I’m glad to see that version of me living a life with my eyes wide open.

How about your eyes?

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Hey there, so I'm the person who delegated you a wee bit of Steem a couple of months back so you had RCs to post and such. I see that you have more Steem in your liquid than I have total, so I undelegated figuring you don't need it anymore. Do you know how to power up so that Steem counts toward your Steem Power?

Thanks for your support earlier.
To be honest I just bought some Steem as an investment but I have no clue how the power up nor Steem power works. All that I’ve found are very long and detailed documents.
Do you know of a simplified version?

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Yep! Steem Power is what determines your RCs. So if you click on the down arrow to the right of your liquid Steem, you will get a drop down menu. One of the options is "power up." Then it acts like a transfer, but to vesting, or Steem Power.
500 SP would make you a minnow, and you have lots more than that available.
It's also safer, if you want to store it as an investment, to keep it as Steem Power because then if someone stole your key or something and broke into your account, it takes 13 weeks to cash out Steem Power (it breaks it up into payments) if you wanted to sell it for money. So if it was someone trying to steal from your account, you would have time to catch them and get your account safe again before they could do that, whereas if it was liquid they could steal it immediately.

Thanks! I just powered up 😎
What’s a minnow?

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Never mind that. I did a web search’s kind of frightening how much I don’t know....

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It's a learning experience for sure! :)
Plus, your upvote is stronger the more SP you have, as in, your upvote gives more money.

Oh, and - now you have a slider, and can adjust your vote. You can give 100% votes or 50% or anything you want, so you don't use all your Voting Power so fast.

Thanks, you have clarified a lot 🙏
What do you think about upvoting yourself? I do it to collect Partiko points for my next post ...

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Generally a lot of folks frown on it, but also are more forgiving for new folx because we understand y'all are just getting started and finding your groups here and such. But even for bigger accounts, doing it every now and again isn't a big deal; it's when big accounts do it all the time that people start to grumble.
You might want to join @abh12345's engagement league to help you on your journey! :)

Thank you for the tips 🙏

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The different levels on Steemit are:
Redfish/plankton <500 SP
Minnow 500-5000 SP
Dolphin 5000-50,000 SP (I think? Not sure about the upper numbers)
Orca 50,000-500,000 SP
Whale 500,000 SP+

essentially. It's really measured in Vests, but Steem Power is the easier approximation of Vests. The number of Vests you have is the number beneath your little fishie icon when you click on your Steemit Board notifications to see your badges.

Congratulations @alfonzo!
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