Happiness can't be bought with money

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Money, wealth, luxury and popularity can not buy happiness. This proverb is evident from the statement of two billionaires from China and England, Jack Ma and John Caudwell.

The two men firmly say the wealth they have does not make them happy. People who do everything to make it rich may feel like they get their heads when they hear their confessions.

Riches make their baseball live quietly. The reason, they are always harassed by fears of destruction. Be they live with great pressure to maintain wealth.

In addition, they realize that many people approach because of wealth, not their personal. Stress increases when they think, what happens if this wealth is lost?

Choose where, rich but not happy or living mediocre but every day can sing singing? The answer is not difficult, right?

Jack Ma-John Caudwell, another Dobri Dobrev - a Bulgarian veteran of World War II over 100 years old. Dobri's sister lives by pleading, but the money he asks is not used alone. He donates money to other people in need through orphanages and other institutions.

And, know baseball, he lives happily with the activity. He looks like a madman, but his heart is rich. To the extent that the Bulgarians there dub him as a saint for his good.

If you see a photo on Google, baseball looks stressed face there. Though Nokia 3315 mobile phone that he never had a handheld.


  • Dobri Dobrev is one of the noble humans, proving that there is no need to be rich to be happy. *

In essence, wealth is not a guarantee of happiness. We who are mediocre lives may even be happier than the rich people whose lives just think how to stay rich.

Shawn Achor, a psychology motivator who graduated from Harvard University, USA, said there are seven activities that make us happy without getting rich in The Happiness Advantage book. Anything?

  • Meditation

Sit cross-legged, close your eyes. Take and exhale slowly for five minutes. Do this every day, let the heart happy.

Research proves, after meditation, humans feel more calm and relieved. Meditation also raises awareness and empathy towards the environment. If the routine meditates every day, the brain will relax and increase happiness and reduce stress.

  • Create an Exciting Plan

Research also reveals that to welcome anticipated activities to make the heart happy. For example we plan to go out at the cinema Saturday night. Well, fitting Thursday-Friday or close to the day-H, our hearts must flower because baseball waiting for courtship.

So make a fun plan every week. Then, just make sure the plan runs smoothly.

  • Make it Good

Any goodness done consciously and sincerely brings unexpected happiness. As soon as Shawn Achor said. The cool term of this deed is altruism.

So here it means we help others we do not know at all without expecting rewards. Examples help people strike the road. Or a simpler example, help grandma cross over.


  • How can be happy if you still 'take' the rights of others on the road? *
  • Exit

Walking in the garden in fine weather makes you happier than watching television at home, let alone overtime to earn extra money. Achor said the way out of the house about 20 minutes a day can improve mood.

No need to go far. Going to a neighbor to talk for a while is enough. Origin enggak ngomongin politics or gossip.

  • Sports

Achor made a study with three groups of people who were depressed for 6 months. One group only took medicine, others took medicine and exercised. The rest are just sports.

The results of this study gawked: 38 percent of the group who took depression medication again after 6 months, the group took medicine and sports 31 percent, while the sport itself was only 9 percent! Research that proves exercise can routinely repel stress.

  • Money Is Not Out for Goods Shopping

Another study says people who spend money on social things, like watching concerts with girlfriends and eating with family, are happier when "losing" money than people who spend money on things like mobile phones, shoes, or expensive watches.

The release of money to help others, like victims of natural disasters, is also more sophisticated and happy. You see, we are more easily aka baseball long thought to spend money for purposes like kayak goodness. Compare with plans to buy a mobile phone that will require this consideration.

  • Use Character Strength

This one is a bit difficult. Everyone has diverse characters, such as funny, creative, always curious. Achor says happiness can be achieved if we maximize our strongest character.

But we must know what our strongest character is. That's a bit difficult to identify. But if you already know, use that character.

For example, our most powerful character is humor. Try to maximize diligently to make a joke when hanging out with friends. Or if you want to be more serious, join in a stand-up comedy competition so everyone can become famous.


discarding the idea that the rich should be happy. Happiness can be achieved in many ways. If you do not believe it, try one of the seven activities above.

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