Syndrome "frog in boiling water": a vicious cycle that depletes us

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Keep your eyes open
Fable Olivier Clerk about the "frog in boiling water" is based on a real physical experiment: "If the speed of the heating water temperature is no more than 0.02 ºC per minute, the frog continues to sit in the pot and dies at the end of cooking. With a higher speed, she jumps out and survives".

As explained by Olivier Clerc, if you put a frog in a pot of water and heat it slowly, it will gradually raise their body temperature. When the water starts to boil, the frog will not be able to control their body temperature and will try to jump out. Unfortunately, the frog has already wasted all their strength and it lacks the final impulse to jump out of the pan. The frog dies in boiling water, without doing anything to escape and stay alive.

The frog in boiling water spent all your energy trying to adapt to the circumstances and at a critical moment could jump out of the pan to be saved, because it was too late.

Syndrome "frog in boiling water" is one of the varieties of emotional stress associated with difficult situations in life that we cannot escape, and forced to endure the circumstances until will not burn completely.

Little by little we find ourselves in a vicious cycle that drains us emotionally and mentally and makes us almost helpless.

What killed the frog in boiling water, or the inability to decide when to jump?

If a frog is immediately dipped in water heated to 50 ºC, it will jump out and live. While it remains in the water bearable for her temperature, she does not understand what is at risk and needs to jump out.

When something bad is coming very slowly, we often do not notice it. We don't have time to react and breathe toxic air, which in the end is poisoning us and our lives. When changes occur slowly enough, it doesn't cause a reaction or attempts of resistance.

That's why we often become victims of the syndrome of "frog in boiling water" at work, in family, in friendships and romantic relationships, and even within the society and the state.

Even when dependence, pride, and selfish demands across the region, we still find it difficult to understand how harmful it can be their influence.

We can deliver the pleasure that we constantly need our partner, our boss rely on us to assign us certain tasks, or that our friend requires constant attention.

Sooner or later the constant demands and nagging dull our response, we are wasting power and the ability to see that in fact it is an unhealthy relationship.

This silent process of adaptation gradually begins to control us and enslave us, starting to control our lives step by step. It dulls our vigilance and we don't know what we really need in life.

For this reason, it is important to keep your eyes open and to appreciate what we like. Thus we can divert their attention from what weakens our abilities.

We can grow only if we are able to be uncomfortable after some time.

The fact that we defend their rights, may not appeal to those around us, as they are accustomed to the fact that we give them all selflessly, and without the slightest reproach.

Remember that sometimes it's time to say "enough" to maintain emotional balance, to learn to respect and love you, to appreciate their interests and their dignity and bring life to a higher level.

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