#Earth and its pain №5 Cataclysms for the week from 19 to 25 February, 2018

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Shivers in a shiver
Is it possible to stop global warming?

Last year was one of the hottest 135-year weather observations in history. Very close to it, 2016 and 2015 years. And this trio broke into absolute leaders. But in 2017 has its own peculiarity - warming has affected almost the entire Earth. This shows the general nature of climate change and the fact that the world ocean is now warmed to the highest possible temperatures over the past several thousand years.

Another alarming symptom: the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere overcame a psychologically significant mark of 400 ppm (fractions per million). The last time was like 5 million years ago. Then the climate was warmer by 2-3 degrees, and the sea level is 10-20 meters higher than the current one. So serious social cataclysms await us.

The last three years have become the hottest for 135 years of observations
Looking at these climate tricks, scientists are sounding the alarm - global warming is unlikely to be kept within the limits set by the UN: the temperature rise on the planet by the year 2100 should not exceed 2 degrees C. More and more experts are skeptical about the Paris Agreement, believe that it is easy to sign the paper , where it is more difficult to fulfill it. The most striking example is President Trump, who said that the US does not intend to implement it, since the fight against warming will cost the country many billions of dollars and the loss of millions of jobs. Therefore, the scientific community is increasingly talking about purely technical ways to combat warming.

According to some scientists, the most preferable option is to reflect the sun's rays, scattering large volumes of sulfur in the stratosphere. The solution is obvious, prompted by nature. For example, the eruption of the Filipino volcano Pinatubo in 1991 led to the release of 17 kilotons of sulfur dioxide and cooling of the Northern Hemisphere by 0.5-0.6 degrees. Very rough estimates show that by reducing the energy flux reaching the Earth by 1 percent, you can reduce the average temperature by one degree. And this will stop global warming.

The ban on waste disposal will increase the volume of their processing
The enthusiasts themselves say that it is difficult to estimate how much sulfur to inject in order to achieve the effect. According to the most rough estimates, if the stock starts in 2040, sulfur will have to be sprayed for about 160 years to keep the temperature within 2 degrees. The cost of such a project is billions of dollars a year.

But there are serious opponents of this idea. So, his arguments were presented by British professor Anthony Jones in the journal Nature Communications. He argues that trying to "repeat" volcanoes to combat global warming is extremely risky. In some regions of the Earth, it really will have a positive effect, but in others it will lead to a catastrophe. Calculations on climate models have shown that "sowing" of the stratosphere with a large number of aerosols will lead to completely different consequences for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. For example, the frequency of powerful hurricanes and vortices in the northern tropics will drop noticeably, dropping by about 20-25 percent, but in the south they will begin to occur 50-75 percent more often.

Moreover, the one and the other options have negative consequences. Reducing the number of cyclones in the north will lead to increased droughts in Africa and Asia, and their strengthening in the Pacific and Indian Oceans will greatly complicate the lives of the inhabitants of Asia, Australia and Africa. In a word, attempts to cool the Earth will cause negative consequences, and therefore such projects should be treated with extreme caution.

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Global warming is a serious issue now a days.
In coming years Global warming will become one of the top concerns for entire world. If preventive step are not take on immediate basis half of the world will be inside the water.
I thank you for bringing forward this article on a platform like STEEM which is going to play a vital role in Crypto market in coming days.
Each and every one of us should take responsibility for resolve the issue of Global warming.
Minimum we can plant trees, stop cutting trees and use paper instead of plastic.
And I am again thanking you for bringing forward this topic on group discussion.

I made a short documentary of the World Scientist's Warning to Humanity, Second Notice which you might like. Uploaded it to Dtube yesterday.
Join the #ExtinctionRebellion !
Luck. Solidarity.

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No need to solve global warming, ppl are too stupid anyway


I think on the contrary, even mentally, we can together ask and change the events for the better
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Like, how?

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informed and talking about the changes for the better, on the contrary, to the change of the positive to the earth and us
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Nice articel bro. Suscribe and upvote donardz:)


What a terrible revenge of nature!