The question "Who am I"

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The question "Who am I" is not simple.
Perhaps it will not be a mistake to say that it is key to many people and generations.

Who am I?
Or at least - what is my specialization?
Now there are a lot of projects.

One side.
And on the other hand, very often it seems that all these projects are nonsense.

What is there now?

  1. @moneyclub - club earning. Investments, crypto currency, bounty, ICO, economic games. Search.

Advertise interesting projects, bounty. Research, study

Then my desire to write can be realized.

  1. Psychology. Generating a flow of customers (those who want to deal with their situation, improve their lives) with those who want and can help in this.

To be a kind of communicator.

  1. Reading poems and prose to music. Speeches and open classes.

  2. Conditionally "web studio" - writing articles, performing services for sites.

  3. Sales.

Lily - grooming.

  • something else.


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"Кто я есть" - это всегда интересно)

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