Diary of a Pornstar! (Back again! Recap of my 2017 so far!)

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So I definitely wasn't scared away by the Steemit community at all, that isn't why I hadn't posted lately... in case you guys might have thought that! I've just been super busy, and also procrastinating a lot on writing.

Last I wrote.. I told you guys about the car I had just bought right? Last December... well since then, I've done quite a bit of scenes and have quite a bit of personal things happen also. So I'll basically recap all the scenes I've done this year, and if any stories come to mind while doing so, I will write about them.

First scene I shot in 2017 was a scene for Aiden Starr's “Black Snake Oil #4” (Evil Angel), anal w/ male performer Mickey Mod.. in the beginning of the scene I was wearing a super cute purple one piece, but once it got coconut oil poured on it.. the purple got all over me! So had to stop mid-scene to scrub the purple off me, not much else was notable in that scene. I had fun overall, as I do in most all my scenes.

Did anal w Mr. Pete for Aiden Riley's “Butthole Whores #5” (Evil Angel), male performer played a plumber and I got an actual wrench put in my ass.. it was a tiny wrench though... no worries!

I did an anal scene with Ramon Nomar for the Kink site Sex & Submission, directed by James Mogul... I guess you could say it was a controversial scene, because the storyline had to do with an emigrant getting captured and ends up getting fucked in the ass and (fake) drugs put up ass (was just two condoms full of powdered sugar). The title was Anal Immigrant... even though the story was about me trying to leave America to Mexico... so that would technically be considered emigrating. But it's porn.. not to be taken too seriously.

Did a vaginal sex scene for Stoney Curtis, Lethal Hardcore... for Deviant Stepsister Massages #5.

Had an EPIC threesome with Kissa & Johnny Sins for their sex tour on their SinsLife.com site! They are really sexy and awesome humans.

I did a scene for Team Skeet with Katya Rodriguez and Rose Darling... and this guy Nathan Bronson, who played my stepbrother and the scene involved 'playing video games'. This was also a controversial scene apparently, since the Pornhub commenters were flipping out and complaining about the fact the controllers weren't on, how I was looking at a different spot on the wall than other girls, and that were were ridiculously button mashing. No, the controllers weren't on.. nor even connected to a console... no there wasn't a tv to look at either... yes I was button mashing and just making up things to say that had nothing to do with an actual game. For one, we can haven't an references to actual games or even have the sound effects of actual games in the background due to licensing issues... plus, it's just porn... of course they aren't gonna give us an actual console to use... once again people were just taking things too seriously. It was a cheesy storyline, as most porn storylines are. Commenters were also saying how I was like a 'demon Shrek' because of me being “too into” the sex. What's hilarious about that scene is... I was legitimately about to orgasm towards the end, but the guy pulled his dick out right as I was about to cum, so I said “Don't fucking stop!” He had stopped because he couldn't stop himself from cumming apparently, haha.

I did some foot/pantyhose fetish scenes for JB Video.. there's a lot of those kinds of scenes of me already up on his site from previous years.

Then around March, I did my first double anal scene for Joanna Angel (Burning Angel).... even though it wasn't the first double anal scene of me to be released, it was the first once I had shot. Was with Tommy Pistol & Steve Holmes! Both amazing male performers! I just read an interview about Joanna actually, and she said Tommy Pistol and her did their very first scene together... 15 years ago! So he has been around as long as she has! It was a super hot scene! I was a little nervous to do the double anal, but I had been practicing with a massive dildo.... I started prepping a week or so prior, so I figured I should be okay. It hurt a bit for like a second.. then it felt good. Liked double anal a lot more than I thought I would!

Did a lesbian sexual wrestling shoot for Ultimate Surrender again, this time against Daisy Ducati.... so I didn't stand a chance at winning! She beat me 999 to 0, lmfao. Literally had no chance, she is a lot stronger than me and also way more experienced at wrestling. I always love shooting for Ariel X though! And it's fun for me to lose also! I love being dominated by sexy and strong women.

I flew to Miami for two shoots around the end of March before my first Europe trip! I did two Team Skeet scenes in FL, one a vaginal sex scene for Family Strokes... where Brad Hart played my perverted stepbrother who I caught spying on me and recording me while I was tanning! (cus with my pale skin, tanning is something I totally obviously do often.sarcasm) We had to redo the entire sex part of this scene because first time recording the director forgot to turn on the audio, so that was frustrating, but we did it again and killed it the second time too. Unfortunately the male talent had to go to the hospital (to get blood drained from dick) later that night after our scene, due to being painfully overly hard for too long.. because of ED drugs. He is alright now, that's only like a week or two recovery time I believe.

The other scene was my second scene that I shot for Punish Teens... it's funny because they wrote the script thinking that I had never shot for the site before and for it to be like an audition type thing with a series of tests to be able to be on the site... so we had to change storyline slightly cus I was saying how that didn't make sense since I was already on the site... lol. Super hot and fun scene.... remember the guy that I was kinda talking down about his dommeing, mainly was based on things I had heard, but he is actually a chill guy and someone I consider a friend now. He was who I did both my PunishTeens scenes with... I really enjoy shooting scenes with him honestly!

After,I went to Prague, Czech Republic for 3 weeks in April! That was such an incredible experience! Proxy Paige is a new director for Legal Porno out there, so she is who flew me out there and I shot for Legal Porno most of the days I was out there! They test all the performers once a week out there.. instead of every 14 days in America, and all the performers stay in the same apartment while in town shooting for them, so I got to meet a lot of interesting and nice people while staying at the apartment. First scene I shot out there was a DP with Mike Angelo from France & Chris Diamond from Spain... directed by Proxy. I watched the trailer of this scene when it came out and ehhh, not so good in my opinion due to my moaning.. I wasn't being conscious enough of how annoying it sounded. That scene, the ending had to be shot a few hours later, well since the camera wasnt recording for the cumshot of it.

Then I did a 5 on 1 double anal scene for a different Legal Porno director.... Giorgio! I put a mini football in my ass for the intro, that was intense! But definitely helped me prepare for the scene, lol... the director insisted that I use numbing stuff for my butthole... and I was like, “I've never had to use numbing stuff in any of the anal scenes I've done before.” and he still insisted, so I put on a tiny bit. There's an epic gif someone made of the football popping out of my ass then flying back in and it's hilarious, I have to find it and post it on here! That scene was released the next day, and did ridiculously well. Just checked and it has had 189,971 views....... and they have to pay for it, for it to register as a 'view'. Each person paid $5 to view it...... 189,971 views x $5 = $949,855 that was profited from that one scene. I got paid approximately 0.18% of that profit amount for that scene. That's pretty sad, haha. We don't get royalties in porn, that is not a thing in this industry.. in case some of you thought that was the case. It was a fun scene though and super amazing/awesome/entertaining to watch in my opinion! So I understand why it sold so well!

I shot a 2 on 2 double anal scene for LP with French pornstar Luna Rival... she is super adorable and has same hair style as me, plus my heritage is a good amount French. We looked wayyy too cute together! Proxy made a great choice pairing us together! I am beyond excited for that scene to come out, no idea when it's gonna come out though! Hopefully soon!

I shot a 4 on 1 double anal scene for Stefano for LP (Legal Porno), not sure when it's getting released!

Did a 5 on 1 DP scene with Czech pornstar Alexis Crystal for LP that was released recently, directed by Proxy! She is really sexy, had a lot of fun shooting with her! She is such a sweetheart!

I also shot some mainstream non-hardcore scenes while in Prague throughout a local agency out there... did a vaginal sex scene for FakeAgent.com, also for Nubiles where I was a ballerina (who didn't know how to do ballet at all really, just bullshitting, lol), and did a virtual reality scene that is out on SexBabesVR where I was a naughty stepdaughter, who was listening to music when supposed to be studying!

Did a 2 on 1 double anal scene for LP with Mike Angelo & Ian Scott.. zero pussy... 100% double anal... I even put two toys in my ass at the same time during the intro part! That scene has been out since 5/18/17.

Did 3 more mainstream VR scenes... I believe one of them is out on 'VirtualRealPorn'... solo video called 'American Dream', that one I really didn't know what to say for most of it because the director didn't give me much guidelines on a story or anything, but I did my best to make it work! If you want me to sit on your face in virtual reality, that would be a good scene to watch! Another one, I was 'an interior designer' (pretends to be one of course), then end up getting turned on and seducing the client... and the last one, it was a guy I was in a dental waiting room with, who I end up ditching the appointment for and having anal sex with him instead! In VR, the guy doesn't talk and barely moves too... so I had to do all the talking and everything... definitely was great improv practice! I've gotten a lot better at improv since I started I believe.

Last, but not least.... I did a 10 on 1 double anal gangbang scene for LP! I got a slight cold towards the end of my trip, and had just gotten over it for the most part when I did this scene.... so I didn't have my full energy levels and was lowkey dying because I felt so exhausted by the end. But I didn't need to call cut, shot straight through... almost cried, but I didn't! Proxy said she was proud because she hadn't seen a girl not cry during a gangbang with that many guys! Best part of the scene is that she picked a princess dress for me to wear during the scene! Since I have self-titled myself the “Galactic Anal Princess”. That was the last scene I shot in Prague.

I went to Budapest, Hungary for a few days to shoot before going back to America! Shot for Rocco Siffredi at his beautiful estate, he has a farm and a helicopter and multiple super nice modernly designed houses and a warehouse for shooting also. I was supposed to do two scenes for him, but the model from Russia I was supposed to do the second scene with, didn't have her paperwork to prove that the syphillis she had in the past had been cured... since it shows up in your blood forever once you get it once, you are supposed to have that paperwork to be able to shoot. So I shot one scene for Rocco, where he directed it.... didn't go so well. Was supposed to be a 3 on 1 double anal scene... but one of the guys said in the middle of the scene, “I can't stay hard if my dick touches another dick.” so I was so amazed at why he would agree to doing a double anal scene if his dick can't stay hard while touching another dick! That's a literally a requirement of the scene! Plus, when that many guys involved.. if they don't use ED drugs, then it typically makes the scene have a lot more delays due to staying hard problems. (most LP male performers shoot the liquid ED injectable stuff up, which is partially how the scenes go so smoothly) Anyways, one of the male performers walked out of that shoot and gave up because of my frustration I imagine... the guys he booked really just didn't seem to know how to take charge. Which was surprising, seeing as Rocco teaches male performers how to perform roughly properly... It just could have been much better of a scene if Rocco was one of the male performers involved in the scene. Ended up getting through the scene somehow with the two guys.

The second day, I was supposed to be shooting for Rocco in a scene with that Russian girl, but the night before, Rocco was worried the labs weren't gonna be able to verify the info in time to do the shoot and he didn't want me to not shoot at all the second day out there. So he put me in contact with a local agency out there and they booked me a double anal scene for the next day. Turns out, I ended up getting booked by Pierre Woodman. He has been shooting a while, he is a French performer and director. I did a 4 on 1 double anal scene with him and 3 of his friends... I did so well, he wanted me to do another anal scene for him that afternoon! So Pierre asked me about likes and dislikes ahead of time in the interview thing... and I said dirty talk was a like for sure. I wasn't asked about degradation though, because dirty talk and degradation do not equate. In his mind, it must though. I'm alright with and enjoy mild degradation... such a filthy, dirty, nasty...whore, bitch, slut. But it's a bit over the line in my eyes, to say things like 'piece of shit' 'trash whore' 'worthless' 'stupid,dumb', that's just uncalled for honestly. It was the end of my trip, so I didn't want to delay things by complaining and just wanted to get the scenes over with.. so I didn't say anything about it. Normally, I would have... but I just was wanting to make the money and get home at that point, so didn't bother me as much it might have normally.

Post-Europe, I paid for 4 months of rent in advance, started my own LLC as a performance artist/actress/model.. eventually plan to produce/direct myself too, paid the expensive dues to join the local Realtor association, and started getting my stomach tattoo removed. So I am pretty proud at what I have been able to accomplish so far in my career! Was an amazing experience having shooting in Prague be my first trip to Europe! Proxy ended up taking me and male performer Bo Sinn to an underground hip hop show one night and the headliner was Sims.. a pretty dope EDM artist. I also went to a Datsik show while I was out there too! That was a lot of fun! Can't wait until my next Europe trip! Probably going to be beginning of 2018 when I go back!

First scene I shot after getting back from Europe was for Ariel X for EverythingButt, first time dommeing for this site, I was a last minute replacement actually! What's funny is.. the performer I worked with was with the same agency as me, and my agents told me to mentor her on doing anal months ago because even though she is of milf status age... had never done anal at all! It was her second time doing anal ever.. for this scene. I was who taught her how to prep and clean out and stretch... she did really well, I was proud of my student! I could tell she didn't like too rough, plus she told me that in the interview, so I was fairly gentle with the rough stuff because that's what she was comfortable with.

The domme scene I had scheduled for EverythingButt was scheduled that same week, I had requested to domme Charlotte Sartre, because I know she is a hardcore buttslut and she is super sexy to me. She got me booked with Charlotte, but also another female who is a milf Izamar Gutierrez was booked with us for me to domme. Izamar wasn't really into rough, and I got more nervous dommeing two people at once compared to one... I wasn't as rough with Charlotte as I could have been and would have liked too... I didn't do so great at dommeing on this scene, honestly. They even end up putting a huge missiles in my ass and fisting my ass at the end.... I domme better off camera and with females that don't have much limits. But I hope Ariel will give me another chance for a one on one scene with a female into bdsm and have me domme.. just one more chance and if I fuck it up again, then I don't mind if she doesn't book me to domme again. Lol, we'll see.

I shot a POV anal scene with Toni Ribas for Evil Angel, that was ridiculously hot. I think the DVD is going to be titled, POV Sluts: Anal Edition. I orgasmed really hard in this scene and by the end after he came, he asked me if I wanted to fuck again... and I said not right now... and he pulled the camera away for a second cus I was supposed to say yes and that's how he was going to end it. I didn't know that though, and I should have said maybe in a few minutes right after... but hey, it was an amazing scene overall, that's what matters!

So on Mother's day, I get a call from my ex-husband that I hadn't talked to in about a month due to his girlfriend not being trustworthy around our son and he was always with his girlfriend, so I could trust him to have visits alone(plus him and his girlfriend had been on meth for a good while, and I didn't find that out until recently). Well he said Happy Mother's Day, and then told me he is going to jail soon... when I ask why, he tells me that he strangled his girlfriend and that she filed a report so he should have a warrant. He has three prior domestic violence convictions, so the courts aren't likely to be lenient this time. I helped him get his stuff from where him and his girlfriend were staying, and brought to his mom's place in a super small trailer park town called Indian Springs, 50 miles north of Vegas. He ended up staying with me for about two weeks, at his mom's or at my place.. since he hadn't spent a lot of time with his son lately.. it was so cute to see them together. The first couple days he was still doing meth, def not in front of our son and definitely refused when he offered it to me. Stimulants are not for me at all, gives me way too much anxiety. Once he ran out, he started talking about how good it was to be sober and blah blah, he mainly just says what he thinks you wanna hear to manipulate honestly. I watched him go from remorse from hurting her and letting things escalate that far, to him saying he wants to slit her throat. Would swear that he didn't want to be with her anymore, only wanted to focus on his son, making money, and making music since he is a music producer. He said he was only still talking to her to tell her what she wants to hear and convince her to say she made everything up, but then when he realized it's up to the District Attorney and not her to drop the charges at this point (which he should have known already), he professes his love and says he still wants to be with her. Even though they had been fighting constantly for over a month, he's convinced things would magically be all okay again. I helped him a lot when I was with him, I helped him get signed to a top porn agent, took him to LA to do his first photo shoot... and paid for his first test. But then he decided to work things out again with his girlfriend, so I stopped talking to him because I knew that meant he wanted to do meth again since she doesn't look down on him doing it and will even do it with him! He doesn't want to do it alone of course. I knew he would end up arrested and with another charge within a matter of time! Turns out, he wasn't going to be getting charged for the strangulation charge initially, he went to turn himself in when he thought he had a warrant and they told him he was all good. Fast forward to a month or so later (which was a little over a week ago) his girlfriend ends up jumping out of his car while he is driving because something about how she fucked someone else and refused to call the other guy in front of him to permanently end things... that is what I was told. He ended up arrested, and had 4 felonies... 2 charges of domestic battery by strangulation, one charge of domestic battery, 3+(since he has had 3 prior convictions for same thing), and one charge of first degree kidnapping(because she was injured trying to 'escape' his car). I just heard today that one of the strangulation charges got dropped, so only 3 felonies now. He isn't gonna take a deal, so we will see what happens in the trial! I hope for the best because he is my son's father. He definitely needs rehab and to stay away from anyone that could possibly get hard drugs in the future, I would love to see him be self-sufficient, successful, and be a good role model/example for his son. I can only hope. Who knows when he will be out though. He was booked for a week and a half worth of shoots when he got arrested.. he would have made quite a bit of money.. such a shame.

Going back to the topic of scenes I've done... shot a lesbian scene with Natasha Blu for Girls Gone Wild! Vanessa Veracruz was the host, she is very sexy... and Natasha is quite sexy herself and legitimately into females also. So we had a lot of fun together! I came on her face and vice versa!

I did an awesome scene for Wicked Pictures/Axel Braun, it was kinda like gonzo.. which isn't typical for Wicked... but my tease portion was pretty epic for this scene! The sex in scene was hot too, I orgasmed at the end even though it took me a while kinda. The movie is going to be called 'Shades of Red'... redhead themed movie obviously.

Did my first orgy ever recently for Devil's Film! Just came out not long ago too! Titled 'Fuck: Orgy Edition', was with Eric Masterson, Brad Knight, and sexy big booty lady Candice Dare! She was a lot of fun to work with, she let me play with her butt off camera! How nice!

Shot a lesbian anal cannabalism (vore) themed scene with the wonderful Noah Bensi, for Agatha Delicious.. Delish Media. We were forest maidens, who were given magical dildo from the witch and I convince her that we should pleasure ourselves with it in our pussy and ass. Then we get teleported to the asstroll's liar, where we are chained up! The asstroll creepily grabs at us, then shoves (fake) vegetables up our asses... then cooks us and eats us. Me in the oven and her on the spit (rotisserie). Quite entertaining and fun to shoot! Haha

I went to S. Korea for about a week, was supposed to be shooting softcore out there for a month.. but I couldn't stand the disrespect and mistreatment from their crew, so I left at my own expense. Was supposed to be 4 – one hour long scenes for 15 days out of 30... nobody told me about the 4 a day.. that's a little much, especially since they alternate girls. So we ended up having to be on set for a total of 8 scenes. Makeup/hair readjustment between each scene. There was snacks on set, but I was told the models aren't allowed to touch them and only for the crew. They were supposed to be providing food the days we were working, especially since we were on set 12-16 hours. The first day I worked, it was only 3 really quick 10 minute virtual reality scenes... we were on set 16 hours and only fed two snacks. Didn't let us go get food anywhere during breaks. During lunch, the director locked me and my friend who was out there shooting with me in his car while he went to lunch with the crew, told us to stay in the car because we wouldn't like the food anyways. Didn't even give us an opportunity to see if there was anything there that we wanted to eat. Then after a long day on set, he left us in his car locked again, while parked in a small field. He was inside on the phone for over an hour and had us waiting in the car to be driven the 2 hours from set back to where we were staying when it was already late and we were exhausted. We got back by 1am the first night and he told us to be ready by 6:30am... I was pissed he rudely left us in the car and didn't allow me to eat enough, and was now expecting us to sacrifice a full night's rest also... so me and my friend decided to not be ready when they came to get us, we quickly got ready to go within 15-20 minutes though. The second day, I told them exactly what I wanted to eat when I got there, chicken/rice or pizza. It was around lunchtime and still no food, but I was supposed to do my first scene. This was the hour long kind of scene where the guys actually does stuff rather than just sit there like in virtual reality scenes.... it wasn't going to be actual sex, but we were still both getting naked and their tiny penises ended up rubbing on us... I didn't get that far in this scene though. We were doing the foreplay part, and there was just a lot of licking and sucking he was doing... on my nipples, all over my body, and inner thighs... it really tickled and was very uncomfortable. Only so long I can pretend to enjoy something before it's visually obvious. I couldn't communicate with the male performer or the director since neither spoke english. But the director ended up calling cut because I clearly looked uncomfortable. I asked the translator to just have the male performer do 'less' licking/sucking... it's only a brief part of the foreplay, so I didn't feel like it was that unreasonable of a request. They said that it's absolutely not possible to do it 'less' and said they are going to leave me on the side of the street because of that and force me to find my own way home. Oh and they ordered a fuck ton of chicken/rice for lunch for everyone, except didn't offer me any, knowing that I was starving and that was the exact thing I had been asking for. They eventually took me back to the apartment by midnight the second night, they had me take all my stuff out of the apartment and sit on the street with it. So I did that, thankfully my friend was kind enough to stay out there with me so I wasn't alone. The director and two cars full of associates stared at me sitting on the street with all my stuff for over an hour to try and make sure that I didn't go sleep in the apartment. When they finally left, I definitely did. Thankfully my dad was gracious enough to buy my ticket back to America, appreciate him so much! Made my way to the airport around noon the next day, almost got in trouble with S. Korean police for having a stun gun in my checked bag... I figured if it came from America, through China, and to Korea successfully that it would have been okay to go back to America with, but no.. they are illegal in Korea of course.. but I didn't know that.... the cop was understanding and just confiscated it and let me go. I was super stoked to be back in America and able to eat a full meal! I love eating so much, and it's literally a medically emergency if I don't eat enough since I'm hypoglycemic... can't function properly without enough food! Never plan on going to Asia to shoot any kind of porn again! Maybe for vacation, but definitely not for work. Wasn't worth sacrificing my wellbeing and tolerating disrespect.

After being back, shot a deepthroat scene for the first person I ever did a scene for in my career.. for Deepthroat Sirens.
Did a double penetration scene for AmericanPornstar.com with John Johnson & Chris Strokes, that was really fun! Both guys are my friends, so that makes things more exciting for me!

Did a Nuru Massage for the first time with Ryan Mclane for Billy Visual! That was super interesting, the gel is really cold and slippery. Put it all over my body and his body... used my body to slip n slide on top on him basically. It was quite dangerous honestly, and very difficult to fuck while so slippery and cold! But we made it work! When the gel dried, it got all sticky and clumpy.. it was gross when it got dry. But a unique experience for sure!

Shot for DungeonCorp again! Did 4 bondage clips! I had a TENS unit on my ass, turned all the way up! It was such an intense feeling! Had to call safe word when was up that high! When turned, lower, I'm sure was entertaining to watch since my ass muscles were contracting on their own which forced my ass to bounce! I love bondage A LOT btw, makes me giddy.

The most recent scene I've shot was for James Mogul/Kink site Sex & Submission, did anal with Mr. Pete! Very sexy scene, I had a lot of fun!

I'll add photos and gifs from all my scenes I've talked about here as soon as I can! BTW, my old twitter was permanently suspended unfortunately. My new twitter is @msevilalexanova , in case anyone wants to follow me on there! I'll update again when I have more stuff to write about! Xoxo, much love to all of you! Hope you all are doing what makes you happy and what is best for yourself/those you care for!


(Since it won’t let me edit this post)
Edit: I was notified my DAP scene for Giorgio didn’t do “ridiculous well” and my profit math was wrong and inaccurate! My apologies for that analysis being not true.

Welcome back!!

Welcome back after a long time.

Word of the day: "double".

Damn the porn industry seems tough.

I don't think I knew of you before you joined Steemit but you turned up in my WankzVR subscription shortly after you did.

That's quite a list of accomplishments. Its strange to hear from the inside viewing out.

espero que te hayan hecho un creampie xd @alexanova

Wow, you put a lot of detail into your post .
How did you like Budapest other than the scenes? I lived there for several years. Cool place. Friendly locals ... even when they try to overcharge.

I was only there a few days... but it was really beautiful from what I saw! :)

Bravo! I respect and appreciate your courage.

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