"You gotta keep your work and personal life apart" is noob advice

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Many are the times people like to preach how one should separate work and personal life if you want to succeed.

That's an absolute, according to them. 

But personally, I think that's noob advice. It rarely ever works that way.

People say this believing that they're going to make a million dollars or something if they put their personal feelings aside and start to work with somebody or do a shit job they hate.

No, you're not going to make a million bucks or succeed just because you concentrate fully on work like a robot.

Balance is the key

I was chatting with with @rok-sivante about succeeding on Steemit and he nailed it well. 

It's all about finding what works in the middle. The grey. Not the black or white, just the grey.

Why? Because going all out doing what you love to produce what you deem is your art may not sit well with the market, yet conversely, doing the exact opposite may kill your soul.

I believe the same principle lies here.

If you absolutely hate a job or hate somebody, then you need to think twice about working with them.

Should you work atop the foundation of hate, you're going to come across as extremely unauthentic, insincere and probably downright moody. You're effectively also going to produce shitty work.

But of course, if you know for certain that doing the work is going to reap a lot of rewards despite some factors that clash with your feelings, by all means go for it.

Unfortunately, this is life and nothing is ever certain.

Things change everyday.

There're no guarantees in life except death.

And being a Sith is well, kind of evil, especially in today's society.

Find that balance in your life; with the force and then do what you gotta do.

If the job sucks and takes a major toll on your health and mental health, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your choices.

If being true to yourself is making you broke and affecting those dependent on you, maybe it's time to suck it up and do what is necessary to actually survive.

And if you've read this article carefully, you'd know that I am actually talking about how all of this fuse together to truly stay true to yourself as you lead a life according to your terms.

That means not listening to others even if it sounds like it make sense.

Take this scenario for example: If someone is telling you to separate your work and personal life and then proceed to try to sell you something, it's pretty obvious they really don't care about you and your overall well-being.

So listen to Kenobi. 

Be a Jedi. Heck, be a Grey Jedi (Google it!)

Be truly true to yourself by being perfectly honest. Make your own choices on a real level.

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Before you can separate your private life from work, however, you’ll need to know where your personal boundaries lie. We’re all different. What makes one person uncomfortable might seem trivial to another. What’s comfortable (or uncomfortable) for you?


Hence forth, balance. Staying true to yourself.