When Being Nice Overlaps With Being Full Of Shit

in life •  10 months ago

A while ago, I met this guy who was keen to get me and my friends to do a breakdance performance for his company's product launch.

He was friendly. 

He was informative.

He was building up excitement.

He was able to take initiative such that he gave me his name card and got my number.

But ultimately, I wasn't impressed.


Because he said his product launch was highly confidential.

Because his partner texted me and suddenly said he wanted me to go down to their office to discuss a possible "partnership", which befuddled me as I don't see why there needs to be a partnership for a dance gig.

Because the name card reflected some weird website with numbers on it and it had something to do with real estate. I do not see the link with dancers.

Because I showed my friend the name card and he said it was an address registered to an accounting firm.

Because the guy had a very patronizing tone. 

Because I personally do not like it when people ask to meet up when it can be easily discussed online or via text. To me, it means that they're not ready to show anything real. They're only ready to talk even more.

It's an unfortunate fact of today: A seemingly nice person may not be that nice after all.

Because being nice today overlaps with being full of shit. And you'd count yourself lucky if that person isn't downright toxic.

Why does this happen?

Because essentially, talk is cheap. Extremely cheap. It's practically free and you can create it out of thin air (like virtual tokens, no?)

Sleazy salespeople will say all sorts of shit to butter you up to make you buy their shit.

Cunning colleagues in the office may befriend you at first just so they can stab you in the back later on.

Practically anybody online today can seem nice, but god knows what they're really like in person.

Never eliminate your common sense and never doubt your bullshit alarms going off

A truly nice person will be upfront and honest with you.

The people I trust to work with me today are the ones who tell me straight that they're not even sure if they can give me benefits, monetary or not in the future.

The people I think are confident in their work don't use flowery buzzwords to create hype or rather, make the package pretty while inside is a piece of crap.

The people I believe are smart will make use of their time properly and utilize resources to create their own results, and then show that results to others, not merely promise results only.

The people I know for sure are nice admit their shortcomings never hides them.

Maybe I'm being a little harsh...

But I've encountered way too many 'nice' people who are ultimately full of shit.

It's not to say that I am only looking for relationships that'd benefit me. 

I am saying that it doesn't take a genius to be a nice adult.

And in being an adult, common sense, an altruistic intention to want to help others, zero deception and a genuine interest to learn of others' lives are included.

Think about that.

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