The misunderstanding that is love

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Nope. Doesn't last forever.

People die after all. 

Love is just a free-flowing energy.

It's weird. Really weird.

That's why I stopped believing in soul mates, love at first sight, "the one", fate, meant to be or whatever serendipitous term you want to use.

Love will stay if it wants to

Well then, more power to you and your partner. You guys get to be happy and that's great.

Love will leave if it wants to

That means to say things will fuck up and fall apart if it's not meant to be.

Every relationship requires effort over time from both sides. Should somebody choose to stop giving a shit, the relationship will die, period.

This means that if she wants to cheat on you, she will.

This means that if he decides to suddenly leave the country, because of a job or whatever, he will.

This means that if her new friends are toxic assholes, but she loves them and it changes her for the worse, it will happen.

This means that if his parents hate you and he chooses family over love, it's going to happen.

And it makes you go, "What the hell happened?"

Imagine the times when you felt the perfect person.

It happened so fast! It was instant chemistry! The spark was there, a spark that'd eventually turn into a roaring, loving fire.

The first few dates were amazing. You guys couldn't stop talking and laughing. 

When the text messages come, your day is entirely made as you smile immediately at work or in school. 

When your friends ask how you guys got together, your only reply is to look at each other and say, "We don't know! It just happened!"

Then imagine the times when it all went downhill.

It just happened too.

In an instant, through stumbling upon an accidental text message perhaps, you find out that there's somebody else.

By chance, your friends spotted him or her outside with another person, too close for comfort.

Or one day, your parents suddenly tell you, "Kids, we're getting a divorce."

Love is scary huh?

You can't really force it. You can't bend it to your own will. 

It has freewill on its own.

But don't fret, for love is still amazing.

Without it, life is kind of meaningless.

So I say, just keep on keeping on.

Learn from it, grow from it and evolve with gratitude.

Keep on keeping on.

Meet amazing people.

Go on fun dates.

Catch her eye.

Make him turn his head.

Get drunk and hook up even.

And just have some fun yeah?

One day, you'd have an amazing story to tell.

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Love is ultimately for the self to fell joy
We love because it makes us feel good
Two givers make the ideal couple
Yet it's never that simple

Nice post


Never is! Thanks for the comment.