Maybe Fuck Everything Else And Believe In Yourself Only

in life •  11 months ago

And I do mean, only.

No really, believe only in yourself.

I don't believe in going after my dreams. 

I don't believe in hustling.

I don't believe my teachers.

I don't believe in acting like an adult all the time.

I don't believe not judging a book by its cover.

I don't believe what all my friends say about how nice that person is. 

I don't believe traveling the world is as great as others make it out to be.

I don't believe that eating junk food will kill my entire body.

I don't believe talking behind others back is always a bad thing.

Clearly, I don't believe in a fuck load of things and apparently to many, that makes me crazy.

I only believe in myself.

And really, that's enough for me as it is for you.

I make the damn rules, as should you.

I perfectly weave every story to my liking.

I believe in myself more than dreams because they change all the damn time and 'chasing your dream' has become a mere commodity.

I believe in working hard and smart in my own way, time and schedule because I think hustling is extremely inhuman and it is partly to blame for a toxic startup culture that has driven many to depression and even suicide.

I believe in my own experience and memories because they are the best teachers while teachers from school weren't always right.

I believe in having fun and even acting like a kid because it makes me happy while following what others expect of me gives me the direct opposite.

I believe in trusting my own gut when I meet people and I am rarely ever wrong. Moreover, I am not about to make the same mistakes in inviting toxic people into my life.

I believe that person is annoying and pretentious regardless of the good reviews my friends give that person.

I believe being at home can be better than traveling the world at times. I just need to balance it out.

I believe a cheat day of junk food and beer once in a while would make me feel good, especially after a stressful day.

I believe that if I am unhappy with someone, I've every right to not bottle it up inside.

I believe in myself and I write the stories. 

No one can touch me.

And no one can touch you if you believe in yourself so much that you're the only creator.

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Nice post .i like this post


Thank you man.