Life Wasn't Made To Be Fair, So Don't Bother Playing Fair

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"Life isn't fair."

That's the most common adage people spew forth from their mouths. 

But if you do that, then you're losing out. You're just a whiner. Yes, you are. You know it and I know it.

The fact of life is that life is not fair. We all know that.

Now you can either whine about it or play this game called life to your advantage.

Life isn't fair, so don't bother playing fair.

Disclaimer #1: Don't be an asshole and hurt others on purpose.

Disclaimer #2: You don't have to please everybody.

Take note of these two. It's not that hard. Let's go:

Are you born good looking? Use it to your advantage and attract the shit out of others. Then be genuine and don't be so shallow.

Are you not good looking? Then read up on body language, how to speak well, social psychology and fashion trends to look good.

Are you rich? Great! Use that money and enjoy life. Help others too.

Are you closely involved with a network of highly rich and important people? Good. Network the hell out of them.

Are you smarter than your peers? Good. Don't worry about being arrogant. Educate them. If they feel you're being showy or pretentious, that's their problem, not yours.

Are you able to travel the world as and when you like? Sure, why not? Get out there, learn, absorb other cultures and regale your stories to others about it.

Are you born into a loving family who gives you food, water, shelter and love? Awesome! Live your life, be happy and be nice to the less unfortunate.

Are you totally not handicapped?! Then live and do all sorts of fun shit you, otherwise, you're just laying on your bed doing fuck all with a fully-functioning body.

Are you in a position where saying 'no' and rejecting someone would hurt them? That's fine. Saying 'no' is fine. You can't please everybody in life and you shouldn't make decisions just to help others when it'd hurt you even more.

Are you kind of way more mature than your friends while they rant over stupid shit? Okay, rise above it. Listen to them and talk to them. Please don't join in the gossip.

Are you somehow blessed by your god or chosen to be 'the one' in your religious institution? Shit. That's awesome. Go forth and help your fellow men.

Are you a good drinker? Then drink and be the life of the party.

Are you close to a bunch of whales and dolphins here on Steemit? GREAT!

Are you a... whatever, just whatever. If you're good at something, make use the fuck out of it!

You can be whatever it is you want to be in life.

Be smart and be someone who plays the game right.

Otherwise, life will play you and I am pretty sure you're not going to like it.


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