That Time Of The Month Again: The Barbershop Relationship!

in life •  5 months ago


Got my hair cut today.

Went for a little fade. It's not much yet because my hair underneath at the sides have always been shaven off, so it'd take some time to get it grown.

Anyway! The importance of a hair cut? The barbershop relationship!

A person you see at most once a month.

A person you can keep a safe and healthy distance from since you guy don't know each other much, and that is the point of it all.

A person you can talk about anything without fear of judgement.

A person who has never had a chance to annoy you.

Do you have a barbershop relationship with anyone in particular?

Hope you do.

Get some.

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I don't have a relationship...I hate going to a barbershop


Haha why!